How to shut down wide receivers.

One of the top 26 regurgitated, recycled conventional defensive football cliches is #StopTheRun. Here’s another – you have to #StopTheRun to win championships. If you Google #StopTheRun, you get about 3,080,000,000 hits in 0.65 seconds. Post-Modern Football has changed the conventional meaning of #StopTheRun. It now includes #StopTheRun by wide receivers – quadruple meaning:

  1. To the point of reception.
  2. After the reception.
  3. On the way back to the LOS in between plays. 
  4. The maximum speed on every 80-plus offensive plays.

If a #defensivecoordinator can’t stop those 4 runs, his defense will get run up on. A Post-Modern high-speed, high-power passing offense will gut your defense, maul you, carve you up, and embarrass you leaving defensive scars in mind-body-soul that will need major healing to prevent a repeat. Its bad enough if you can’t stop the run on the ground. Its hell if you can’t stop the run through the air. If the other team can run at will, your defense will suffer broken-will that will take longer than one quarter or one week to fix.

Teach & Test

Imagine this: Imagine you are writing a test in your senior year of high school, college, or university. You make a mistake during the test. Then the teacher gets in your face, rambling unstructured instruction. This doesn’t happen in school for a pedagogical reason – teaching & testing are apart from each other even though they are both a part of a Psychological Skill-Building Continuum, a complex structured chain of events that build skill.

Confusing Teaching Time and Test Time is the #1 cause of skill destruction that impedes Skill Construction. Nothing is more important in coaching than the #ConstructionJob – the construction work that builds skill from scratch, from Minus-Zero. One of the top 26 objectives of the #ConstructionJob is hardwiring – build the strongest neural pathways humanly possible in the fastest time humanly possible. 

One element that accelerates hardwiring is self-correction. The good news is that self-correction is an anabolic agent of skill-building. The bad news is timing – it has to happen at the perfect time. Too soon or too late wrecks the #ConstructionJob.

One of the top 51ways to shut down wide receivers is to let the opposing coaches do it for you.

#AssBackward Teaching + Testing

Here’s Real Life+Death Lesson #23,004 that we teach our defensive coaching staff and football players – shut down by never shutting up. One of the top 51 ways to shut down an opponent’s passing offense is the opposing coaching staff never shutting up during 11-11.  

Here’s a multiple-choice test: You are coaching Priority-O during 11-11. A wide receiver drops a pass during 11-11. Which of the following pedagogical solution solves the dropped pass problem? 

  1. Bench the wide receiver immediately.
  2. Threaten to bench the wide receiver.
  3. Immediately teach the wide receiver just one pass-catching #tip.
  4. Stop practice and re-teach all elements of pass-catching immediately.
  5. Call the next play, run the next play asap. Call the same play and run the next play again and again until the wide receiver self-corrects and makes the catch.

#E is the correct answer because its the self-correct answer. Self-correction at the right time and right place is a deep skill-builder. The reason is a complex psychological process that accelerates hardwiring by not F-ing up the Teach & Test Continuum.   

11-11 is a test. 

The 11-11 Test is an integral part for wide receivers in the complex learning process to develop #groundbreaker skill needed to not become broken and grounded. 

11-11 develops tangibles & intangibles, instinct & intuition, and develops the essential 5th Degree Rhythm & Flow that bonds individual mind-body-soul and a team’s collective minds-bodies-souls that exceeds the conventional concept of #chemistry.

Every time your opposing coaches interrupt Test Time after a dropped pass during 11-11, they are helping you shutdown the opposing receivers. When a receiver is shutdown in practice, there are 26 primary additional strategies that a #defensivecoordinator can teach his defense to shutdown one receiver or all wide receivers on #GameDay.

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