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How to save football – part 1.

Football is under attack. Like it or not, the game is at stake. This is the first part of a series about, “How to Save Football.”

Technology was in the dark ages in 1975 in my rookie season as a police officer. No Internet, no cell phones, no apps, no Facebook, no email, no Twitter. But there was a brand new technological advancement ahead of its time, an invention called an ALERT machine – a portable breathalyzer that did the job of a blood test with one simple breath sample to determine blood alcohol content (BAC). No needles, no blood loss. One simple breath sample into a hand-held machine was converted to a blood alcohol test result within seconds.

Breathalyzers were big, literally and figuratively. ALERT machines were to Breathalyzer machines what laptops are to desktop computers. A technological miracle saved lives. Drunk driving is a social plague. It was in 1975 and still is today. Impaired driving kills innocent people every day world-wide. I had the displeasure of seeing the physical and psychological carnage up close. Mangled bodies, mangled minds. All preventable by a simple breath sample into a machine that took a few seconds. Nothing invasive. No needle, no pain. Blow once into a machine. A test result within seconds.

That was over 40 years ago. I’ve been waiting for a drug-testing equivalent to save innocent people on the roads and innocent football players. I’ve been waiting for a portable breathalyzer that instantly measures BDC – Blood DRUG Content. The first way to save football is a portable breathalyzer test administered to every player on game-day that detects steroids, PEDs, and every narcotic that gives an athletic edge. No player would step on the field without passing a breath test. The reason is player-safety. A jacked player is a threat to himself, the opponent, and the entire game. Unnatural muscle versus natural muscle is the deadliest mismatch on the field. Steroids kill. They kill the user and they can kill the opponent with unnatural hits.

Over forty years have passed and there still is no portable breathalyzer for drugs. The technological advancements during the past 40 years are staggering but there still is no BDC-test equivalent of a portable BAC-test invented in the dark ages.

Steroids tilt the playing field. Drug testing on game day is crucial to preserve the most sacred element of sport – a balanced playing field. There has to be zero tolerance for all illegal drugs in all sports especially contact sports. Start with steroids. The solution is to invest and invent. Invest money to invent a portable breath test to detect the presence of steroids. Take the test during warmups. Every player would be tested, not random testing. The whole roster. One breath test takes a few seconds. A light flashes – pass or fail. Failed test – suspended for the rest of the season. Football is a privilege not a right.

Steroids defeat the purpose of sport. If you can’t do it naturally on your own, you can’t call yourself an athlete. If you can’t take natural training, you haven’t got what it takes to play football. If you have to resort to shortcuts, you are not an athlete at heart. Taking steroids is a sign that you can’t take it. Steroids build unnatural strength. I have a 46-year workout streak in progress. Uninterrupted, all natural. Not a single drop of steroids, narcotics, or PEDs. I know what natural looks like. There’s a limit to the lean muscle you can make, including with genetic freaks. I stopped being naïve and gullible during my police career between1975-1990. During my detective career in the 1980’s, I learned about rampant steroid use and the fatal side-effects while questioning suspects and informants. I use my last murder investigation as my ‘Say No To Steroids’ message to all my players every year. The message is Chapter One in my book Soul of a Lifter. I am offering a copy of the book to you and your players for free, compliments of my gym, X Fitness. I will send you a free e-book. Or, I will send you free softcover copies if you will pay the shipping. No strings attached. No gimmicks. The offer is my contribution to help save football and help save lives from the deadly side-effects of steroids. You can contact me at:

cell 905-933-7556

office 905-834-4495

Blessings and all good things.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Football Head coach – Niagara X-Men Football

Gym Owner – X Fitness Welland Inc.


Gino Arcaro is a widely published author. Currently, he is finishing another book in his non-fiction series: Mystery of Murder: Working with the Dead. His website features the rest of his books including:

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