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How to overcome the limiting fear of being different – Don’t Blink, Part 2.

One of the most powerful fears on Earth that can hold you back from moving to the next level is the fear of being different. I made a short video about how to overcome that fear. I use coaching football as an analogy. I titled the video ‘Don’t Blink – Part 2.’ It’s a series of videos where I explain the psychology of being different through my best football example – never kicking. I’m one of the few football coaches on planet Earth who never kick. No field goals, no punting, no point-after-touchdowns. We go for it anywhere on the field and in any situation. Why? The video explains the benefits.

How do people react? The video explains two examples of typical reactions when you’re unconventional, think different, and stick to your own beliefs. Many people, it seems, don’t like different. Different scares them. Makes them mad. Some get angrier when you won’t become exactly the same as them. Conformity is a powerful force of nature. The video explains two examples of people losing their minds in response to seeing something different. The reason is control – people who fear difference want the fear to go away by forcing different people to be the same as them. They get mad when you don’t think exactly the same as them and do exactly the same as them.

This video explains the madness of people getting mad over nothing. I explain stories of grown adults behaving petulantly because they can’t get their own way and can’t dictate the thoughts and actions of others. These are extremely entertaining stories. All of it is. I use them to send one message – never fear being different. Being unconventional is essential for many reasons, none more important than the peace of mind of being yourself. You can’t hide your true self. There are consequences to hiding your true self. If you try to hide your true self, it won’t leave you alone. Your true self will fight to get free. Here’s the video:

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