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How to inspire your children to achieve academic excellence.

During twenty years as a college law enforcement professor, the toughest lesson I had to teach was the meaning of academic success. My toughest job was to teach the significance of pouring heart and soul into education. My greatest challenge was teaching the necessity of spilling your guts into school work, to not waste the blessing of education, of learning, of God-given gifts and talents, and of limitless human potential. Selling academics is the second hardest thing I’ve ever sold. The toughest thing I’ve ever sold is academic high-performance. Selling my college program was one challenge. Calling out your very best was another challenge.

One of my jobs as program coordinator was to provide true academic leadership that I defined as inspiring each student to bring out his/her very best. Not some of it, all of it. Not some of the time, all of the time. My objective was to convince college students to take post-secondary education seriously, to fully invest mind, body, and soul into academic high-performance, and to not squander the financial fortune that their parents were paying or that they were paying out of their own pockets.  My professional goal was to teach college students to fight for their dream jobs by pouring every fiber of mind, body, and soul into the blessed opportunity of education that so many took for granted and that so many burned and trashed.

I coached a non-profit college football team that I started and funded to help students stay in school, to get recruited by universities and earn scholarships. My toughest job wasn’t teaching blocking or tackling or throwing or catching. My toughest job was teaching the meaning of academic success. My greatest challenge was teaching college students to match athletic high-performance with academic high-performance.

If you want to inspire your child to do better in school, the Doug Pawson story will help. Doug Pawson is not a Hall-of-Fame pro athlete. He’s more. He is one of my ex-quarterbacks who changed his life by earning five academic degrees in the past 14 years while balancing family and work responsibilities.

Five academic degrees is unheard of but Doug Pawson accomplished this incredible feat despite a long #Process. The need for intellectual fitness is the same as the need for physical fitness. Doug explained his academic journey as a guest on Blunt Talk Podcast. The episode is called #TheProcess: IQ (dual meaning).

Five degrees is the by-product of an extreme #Process. It takes special persistence to earn five degrees but it can be done. Academic fitness for life will change your life. If you want to motivate your children to excel in school, please listen to Doug Pawson’s academic journey. Here is the link:


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