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I write extensively about 225 scores – number of reps at 225 lbs for both bench press and squats. The reason is I have hardcore evidence that there is a direct relationship between 225 scores and character. I define character as physical, mental, emotional strength. All of it. Physical included because body, mind, soul are all connected. I’ve kept extensive research records of thousands of athletes I’ve coached. Here’s the conclusion:
1. can’t get to the next level without super-high 225 scores.
2. can’t dominate at current level without super-high 225 scores.

Those with super-high 225 scores have 3 major advantages:
1. won’t quit because they have invested too much work (mind armour)
2. they have sustainable strength that translates to all-important dominant 4th-quarter strength (mind armour)
3. durable because of body armour.

Super high 225 scores build body armor and mind armour. And its hardcore evidence of body armour and mind armour. Super high 225 scores show hardcore evidence of:
– Tireless work ethic
– Blue collar mentality
– Passion for self-improvement
– Willingness to spill guts
– Fighter’s heart and soul

There are many ways of increasing 225-lb reps for squats and bench press testing. Here are the proven top 5:
(i) strategic rep-range in conjunction with weight selection + recovery time. Can’t wing it.
(ii) carrying 140-lb. bags
(iii) weighted dips with a fat-grip bar
(iv) fat-grip hammer curls
(v) mega-reps of underhand chins up with 2 different hand placements.

This is the fatigue-fighting plan. It’s guaranteed to dramatically improve physique, strength, and 4thquarter-endurance. Transformational. Have to experience it to believe it.
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Gino Arcaro
owner- X Fitness Inc.
head coach – Oakville Longhorns football

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