How to get hired and not fired as a #DefensiveCoordinator

Every defense I have coordinated had an enlarged heart. That’s Real-Life lesson #23,556 that I’ve taught football players and assistant coaches for 40 years. A defense with an #enlargedheart will get you hired as a #DefensiveCoordinator over and over again. It will prevent you from getting fired.

Here are some of the 25,362 Real-Life Lessons I have taught to football players and coaches who want to get hired as a #DefensiveCoordinator and not get fired:

  1. The key to building a mauling defense that will win, win big, win lot of rings, and the key to building a dynasty is 5 XXXL body parts – heart, nerve, backbone, balls, and conscience.
  2. Your biggest advantage as a #DefensiveCoordinator is the conventional thinking of over 90% of #OffensiveCoordinators. All the wannabe next genius offensive coordinators teach the same mistakes, starting with the myth that you can beat the defense schematically. That’s pure bullshit. The biggest mistake offensive coordinators make is teaching their offense how to beat coverage. The teach the same recycled myths – Identify coverage and exploit it. Huge mistake. No offense at any level will ever exploit a defense purely on reading coverage. Xs and Os are irrelevent. What matters is the heart-size of a defence’s Xs.
  3. Over 90% never teach their offense the truth about Xs and Os – that X Fitness matters, not just where Xs line-up and not where they move post-snap. The only way for offences to exploit a defense is to identify the heart-size of every defensive X. Identify conscience size. Identify size of balls – deflated or inflated. Then an offense will have a 100% accurate scouting report of your defense. Otherwise, the opposing offenses are just guessing, just winging it.
  4. The myth of man-busters and zone-busters taught by over 90% of #OffensiveCoordinators severely limits the opposing offense and makes them extremely predictable. Exploit #offensivecoordinator conventional thinking and you will never get fired.
  5. To get hired as a #DefensiveCoordinator, be more obsessed with the weight room than with Xs and Os. Make your defense more obsessed with lifting and running than with Xs and Os. That’s how you never get fired.
  6. The #1 place to build an enlarged heart and to build defensive dynasties is in the weight room.
  7. 5th Degree Strength + Conditioning is the #1 way to turn around a losing defense into a championship defense. Guaranteed. 100% fact. We have 40 years of compelling evidence to prove it.
  8. If your defense are #LazyLifters, you will never get hired. You will never win except by beating Lazier Lifters.
  9. The only way to make a name for yourself as #DefensiveCoordinator is by helping all your players make a name for themselves. Put your ego and self-interest aside. Those who help build their players’ #PersonalBests develop their own coaching #PersonalBest.

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Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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