How to break any defense.

Here’s the #1 cause of incompetent defences at any level – Obsession over Xs + Os instead of what everyone knows.

Change the obsession, change the outcome. 

Change the obsession to what everyone knows from obsession of Xs + Os and you will build a #Championship Defense – a monster defense, a mauling defense, an unbreakable defense, a defense that will not get publicly embarrassed for its ineptitude. 

Every #Defensive Coordinator has two choices: play #MuscleBall or #MushBall. There’s nothing in between.

#MushBall features soft minds, soft bodies. Mind-body-soul weakness. Intellectually weak, physically weak, emotionally weak, spiritually. Frail + Fragile. A soft defense is not a defense. It’s an offense to the team and sport. 

#MuscleBall is played by strong minds, strong bodies, strong souls. Here’s the problem with the concept of strength – its an abstract concept open to wide-ranging interpretation. If you don’t exercise extreme caution, PMS – Post-Modern Society – will brainwash you to believe that weakness is strength. Left unchecked, Post-Modern Softness will bullshit you to believe that half-ass mediocrity work-capacity constitutes strength. The two most important questions at every job interview for a #DefensiveCoordinator position should be: “What is your definition of #strength?” and “Prove it.”

Think & Blink

Your #1 advantage as #offensivecoordinator in the the pursuit of breaking an opposing defense is the opposing #defensivecoordinator who complicates simplicity. The Law of Proportion will build your offense into a juggernaut – the more the opponent complicates his defense, the more you will break their defense. Their defense will break on their own from Overload Thinking that leads to Blinking. Think + Blink. A defense that has to think too much, will blink too much. Too much thinking kills the two main elements of Championship Defense – instinct and intuition.

One of the top 51 reactions by coaches who get their defenses carved up is simplifying their defense. It takes a mauling for #defensivecoordinators to understand that: 

  1. their defense is too complicated. 
  2. complication leads to major complications. 
  3. making it complicated is a serious pedagogical mistake that will get your defense mauled, slaughtered, and embarrassed, all because the defense didn’t understand the complexities of what should be as simple as humanly possible.

Breaking an opponents’s defense isn’t as hard as you think. You will get help from the opponent’s coaches who will break their own defense by making defense complicated. Large coaching egos will make defense complicated to feed the monster of XXXL Egos instead of feeding the monster defense they’re trying to build

#StreetBall teaches all.

Defensive objective is simple – get the ball. That means chase the guy with ball, hit the guy with the ball as hard as you can, take the ball by force, get rid of the blockers in your way. Kids playing #StreetBall understand the simplicity, learn it, master it. We never had a problem understand playing defense while playing #StreetBall. We didn’t need coaches controlling reps, playing time, or the learning process. Chasing the ball is natural. It’s instinctual. It’s intuitive. Instinct and intuition are built by Simple Reps, not by useless practice drills and complicated, irrelevant reps that kill instinct and intuition

The worst thing defensive coaches can do is kill instinct + intuition with Overload Thinking. 

Overload Thinking suffered by players is the result of Overload Thinking caused coaches because of the Combined Effect of arrogance and ignorance – the need to feel smart that obscures the simplicity of a kid’s game governed by instinct + intuition built through structured learning outcomes that match players’ intellectual capacity.  

Get #strongerandsmarter

Here’s a simple list of solutions that change #MushBall to #MuscleBall:

  1. Championship defenses are won in the weight room. #MuscleBall is the solution all defensive problems. All of them. Zero exceptions.
  2. Weak defenders will get run over, and get the score run up on, no matter what Xs and Os you design. Xs + Os will never compensate for mind-body-soul weakness. Focus on lifting instead of drawing plays.
  3. Shrink your coaching ego by sticking to the basics. Bigger playbooks do not make big plays. 
  4. Learn how players learn. Thinking you know how players constitutes pedagogical guesswork. Memorizing thousands of pages in playbook is the worst form of learning
  5. Obsess over size of bench press reps and squat reps instead of size of Xs + Os.
  6. Who knows the most will beat any Xs + Os.
  7. Pour all your energy, heart, and soul into teaching your defense to get #strongerandsmarter, every single day. 
  8. Build your defenders instinct and intuition by hardwiring automatic, second-nature performance that won’t meltdown when hell breaks loose.
  9. No one will give a shit about how smart you sound online or offline at coaching clinics if your players have no clue what you’re talking about.
  10. Fight like you train, train like you fight. Lift #lightweight, be a #lightweight. Lift #heavyweight, play like a #heavyweight. Practice soft, play #MushBall.

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Blessings and all good things 


Gino Arcaro

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