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How to become an #OffensiveCoordinator

  1. Why do you want to be #OffensiveCoordinator?
  2. What is your experience that qualifies you to be #Offensive Coordinator?
  3. What is the toughest call you have made on #GameDay as an offensive coordinator?
  4. What is your curriculum for building your offense?
  5. What is you offensive ideology and why?
  6. What are the top 5 challenges that you have to face as an #OffensiveCoordinator?
  7. What is you offensive line teaching system?
  8. What is your wide receiver teaching system?
  9. What is your receiver teaching system?
  10. What is your quarterback teaching system?
  11. What is your running back teaching system?
  12. What is your strength & conditioning philosophy?
  13. What is you #1 objective as #Offensive Coordinator?
  14. Explain exactly how you change #BadAttitudes.
  15. Have you ever coordinated a defense?
  16. How do you select starters?

17. What is the worst than can happen on GameDay?

18. What has been your policy on missed practices?

19. Before pre-season, a parent asks you what guarantee there is that their son will start. What is your response?

20. Explain your pedagogical ideology regarding practice planning and practice execution.

These are the top 20 questions I ask #OffensiveCoordinator candidates. These 20 questions just scratch the surface. They don’t go deep enough. I have been head coach for 30 years of my 40 years coaching career. No decision is more important than hiring assistant coaches. Make the wrong choice and you will go through hell. That’s why I coached alone with zero staff for exactly half of my head coaching career. I had 2 or 3 assistants during the other half. I have never had a full coaching staff and never will. The reason is that life is truly very short to fight with coaches about who is calling plays, what plays to call, who to start, and who to sit.

Football has never been a paying job for me, during 40 years of unpaid work. My mission is to coach in the C.F.L. – Conflict-Free Life. It may sound unattainable but it isn’t. The C.F.L. is achievable. I have experienced it. I have been saturated with another C.F.L. – Conflict-Full Lives in workplaces at police stations, detective offices, college law enforcement programs, and with publishers. Not with football. Not in gyms, not on practice fields, Not on Gamedays. Football, gyms, practice fields, and Gamedays are Sacred Places. Zero-tolerance for conflict. Zero. No exceptions. Conflict kills. Conflict kills teams, conflict kills performance, conflict kills productions, conflict kills health in mind-body-soul. Football and the gym are my refuge. The sanctity of the gym and football fields is protected. Football fields and gyms and my #peace. Violating that #peace is non-negotiable.

Some assistant coaches have been the #1 source of conflict on my teams. The main reason is Cognitive Dissonance – the inner conflict caused by the truth that they are out of their league. Left unchecked, inner conflict spreads into the environment.

The interview questions I designed are the product of interviewing expertise developed during my 15-year police career. My interview system has been published throughout  20 editions of 6 law enforcement textbooks. It works for me. It uncovers the truth. It evaluates the credibility of #OffensiveCoordinator candidates in the shortest time.

The wrong #offensivecoordinator will kill a team. Beware of the glory-seeker, the frustrated video-gamer who thinks that being an #offensivecoordinator is a live version of video games and fantasy football.

S/he who asserts must prove. If you want to be an #offensivecoordinator, prove it. Present the evidence – compelling evidence. There is the #1 rule to getting hired as an #OffensiveCoordinator.

Continued in Part 2.

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Gino Arcaro

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