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How to become a #DefensiveCoordinator part 2.

The most dangerous threat to your team is a #DefensiveCoordinator who is in love with title and power. The 2 main reasons why most applicants want the job of #DefensiveCoordinator is title and power. The title #DefensiveCoordinator sounds sexy, sounds glamorous. And it gives perceived authority to #CallPlays.

The obsession with #CallingPlays guarantees hell on your staff and hell on your team. The obsession with title and power will be your worst enemy, worse than the other team. Every candidate who applied for #defensivecoordinator title on my star go the following advice:

  1. Become an expert on offense. The concept of #expert is abstract, open to wide-ranging interpretation to fit personal agendas and narratives.
  2. It’s humanly impossible to defend what you do not deeply and profoundly understand.
  3. There’s more to Post-Modern offenses than double tight-end, 3 running backs, and running up the #gut.
  4. If you do not have a defensive #System, you have zero chance of succeeding as a Post-Modern #defensivecoordinator.
  5. Conventional defensive #playbooks will not cut it in Post-Modern Football.
  6. If you have a hardcore belief that you 4-3 wins or 3-4 wins just because some guy said it on TV, you won’t get hired as #defensivecoordinator on my staff.
  7. Learn how to coach every position on offense and defense before you can deeply and profoundly understand and excuse the duties of #DefensiveCoordinator. Get a job as a position coach first. Get experience coaching every position on the field.
  8. Being an expert teacher and mentor is always more important than being an expert #PlayCaller.
  9. #PlayCalling is not the top #defensivecoordinator skill. Lifting is. Lifting souls by making players #strongerandsmarter every single day.
  10. You will not call plays until you learn, master, and pass the RDM Test – rapid decision-making.
  11. You will not bring in your playbook or system. If you want to use your own system, get a head coaching job and install it.
  12. Never, ever, ever, stop learning. Go to coaching clinics. Earn degrees. Earn as many initials after your name as humanly possible for 2 reasons: (i) improve your capacity, ability and credibility, and (ii) set an example for players to be life-long learners.
  13. If your career goals are more important than players’ goals, you will never be on our staff.
  14. Your career advancement is an outcome of player-career advancement.
  15. Respect the game. Fully and unconditionally.
  16. Lift players #ToLift. Its humanly impossible to build a great defense without 5th Degree S&M – strength and muscle. Workout with your players. Promote the weight room with all you heart and soul.

Continued in part 3

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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