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How to average 560 yards passing per game

How to average 560 yards passing per game

We averaged 560 yards passing per game in the 1990s without ever teaching our quarterbacks to read coverage and without ever showing our quarterbacks any coverage on paper. I never showed our QBs a conventional defensive playbook that shows the same conventional defensive diagrams – where Xs are supposed to go post-snap. The reasons stem from my personal research during my 40-year football coaching career:

  1. QBs don’t read coverage. They see post-snap downfield formations that include defensive players and offensive players.
  2. Post-snap downfield formations form the #Board, the equivalent of a Chess Board.
  3. QBs see the total pieces on the board and deposit every snapshot into their subconscious minds.
  4. The board always includes offensive players, not just defensive players as the conventional defensive playbook shows.
  5. I have never taught QBs a conventional read progression because looking at individual receivers in sequence is what confuses quarterbacks.
  6. My SWAT no-huddle principle of B.O.M.B – Best Open Man Board – does not confuse QBs
  7. B.O.M.B. requires the QB to see the entire board, scan it, recognize one receiver and make a rapid-fire decision using Instinct and Intuition developed by High-Intensity Superset Practice.

The same principle governs how I coordinate a defense. QBs who are taught the conventional way to read coverages and taught conventional read progressions are easily confused on #GameDay by showing them a board that exceeds their subconscious recall, their level of instinct, and their level of intuition.

I am offering a virtual discussion for coaches who have asked questions about the SWAT no-huddle offense. If you would like to join the virtual discussion, please message me by email or social media, to join. I’ll supply details at that point.

Football is the most complicated, most dangerous, most violent sport on Earth. Never ever stop learning. Be a life-long learner. Even when you think you know it all, keep learning to prevent the #BigFall.

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