How not to go broke – 20 yrs gym business

Thank you for your business questions this week about how to survive 20 yrs in the #gym business and 2 govt #shutdowns in one year. Here are some of my answers. This is what our business team does. I’m not telling you what to do with your business. I’m simply answering your daily questions about my business:

  1. Never let business stress kill your family or you. My family runs my business. Absolutely nothing is worth killing your family’s health with the daily stress of govt shutdowns, uncertainty, and never-ending attack of bad news and depressing news. Fight to stay healthy with every fibre and cell of heart & soul.
  2. Be careful of IBS – Internet BullShitters – who think they know your business reality. They don’t. No one knows your business reality but you. Social Media business posts will F-up your head by distracting you with self-servicing fiction. Be extremely careful who you learn from and who you listen to.
  3. Never assume that your customers will all react the same when you do all the conventional Internet BullShit such as building an email list and then bombarding people with emails. Don’t make the assumptions that your email attacks will be welcome by your imagined Fan Club.
  4. During our shutdown, I focus on my online business – writing, videos, podcasts, and continuing my 51-year workout streak, every day. Not occasionally. Every day. Instead of burning energy by being pissed off at the world 24-7, I pour my energy into productive work and heavy lifting.
  5. Disconnect from social media. I am a pre-Internet person. Over 40 years of my personal life life and over 2 decades of my professional life happened in the pre-Internet Era. The pre-Internet Era was light years better for work-focus and work-productivity than PMS – Post-Modern Society – that is stuck online and addicted to meaninglessness social media gutter-clutter. I’ve cleared my conscience and taught over 25,000-plus football players and college law enforcement students to live in the pre-Internet Era by disconnecting from the sewer tank of social media, disconnecting from their phones, and disconnecting from posting and watching shameless #selfies that have gripped PMS. I have 7 grandchildren who I will protect from the hell-hole of social media with all my heart & soul. I have witnessed the decline of student-athlete physical fitness and intellectual fitness in PMS. Your choice. You make the call. Toughest exercise of all is the exercise of free will. I got out of football coaching and college law enforcement teaching because of the zombification of student-athletes. 

Hope this answers your questions. New #podcast compliments of X Fitness at:

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Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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