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Hell on Earth

Unless they change the rules, we won’t live forever. Wasting potential is a big deal considering there’s little chance of the rules changing. If you keep that in mind, a sense of urgency develops to the point where you won’t be brought down by fucked-up people hell-bent on wasting your precious moments of the limited life we have on planet Earth. You have a calling. We all do. And you have free will. You can answer the call or drop the call because it’s too tough or too scary or people are too mean or you don’t get enough likes or you didn’t get what you wanted from Santa Claus when you were seven. Our calling is not an option. It’s not something we allowed to hack to death because we’re too tired or too sad or too mad or whatever else has fucked us up today. Not answering your calling will create hell on Earth, starting inside you with cognitive dissonance, a psychological war that will burn you up unless you fight like hell. Hell on Earth works inside-out. We all have the power to stop spreading wide-spread hell. All of us are armed to fight hell on Earth. If we lose that fight, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

New initiatives at X Fitness this fall. Life-changers.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3
owner – X Fitness Inc.
head coach – Niagara X-men football team

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