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The heavy burden

The burden of underachievement grows when you stop growing. It’s not a matter of if it hits you, just when. Putting on the brakes to physical and intellectual growth builds a heavy weight that is guaranteed to torment you unless you put it in drive and challenge yourself physically and mentally.

It won’t matter how hard you try to resist it, the burden of underachievement will fight back, strike back, hit back, until it knocks you on your back. The onset of old age is not a number that the government defines, it’s the moment you stop growing at any age. The moment you pack it in is the moment you accelerate the aging process. It’s the Law of Growth – the less you grow, the more you grow old. And vice-versa. The more you grow, the less you grow old.

The temptation to pack it in is one of your biggest fights because it threatens your life – the quality of your days and the quantity of your days. The temptation to park it comes from a voice in your head that wants you to bury your calling, your talents, your gifts, and all of your potential in a tightly sealed box. The good news is that the burden of underachievement is the inner alarm activated in your security system that protects you from giving up and packing it in. We are all blessed with protection services that warn us that brain cells and body cells are dying from inactivity.

Even better news is that the solution is simple – get in the game. Move. Body, mind, and soul motion. Sitting in the stands while life passes by as a life-spectator only speeds up the aging process, regardless of how old you actually are. Slow down, get down. Superficial activity isn’t enough to get you up. It’s extremely easy to fool yourself to believe that you are living life to the fullest when you’re living at the lowest level of challenge. There’s more to anti-aging that what you rub on your face.

My workout tonight at X Fitness will feature a tribute to Pink Floyd because the message is simple – you gotta Run Like Hell for four quarters because if you don’t, you’ll get the hell run out of you and the hell run over you. You can’t play the game at half-speed because half-speed will never defend itself against full-speed. Half-speed hurts. Full-speed wins. The link is after my signature.

This is an excerpt from my new book called Hashtag Peace that deals with the waste of potential that plagues the world.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 Nat’l Coaching Certification Program
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