Gym Re-Opening Survival – part 3

If its not the same business as usual when the unusual has become usual.

The gym I own, X Fitness, has been open for 6 weeks since the government pandemic shutdown ended. Our re-opening success has been the outcome of #adaptation – changing what needs to be changed, leaving the same that needs to be the same, and positively identifying what has changed and what needs to change. The following are the major power-points of our post-shutdown Ideology and #GamePlan:

  1. No one is the same. The effect of daily bad news on social media and conventional media is deep and profound but cannot be measured with exact precision. 
  2. The daily attack on human minds about loss can cause loss of mind – dual meaning. (i) Loss of previous mindset. (ii) Loss of faith, hope, belief.
  3. The bombardment of bad news about loss has resulted in unprecedented fear about 5 types of losses – loss of life, loss of health, loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of normal life by whatever definition of normal every human believes in.
  4. Gyms are now a matter of life-and-death. The #1 factor that governs customer decision-making is #NotDying.
  5. When #NotDying is the #1 objective, customers choose Safe Places, defined as any place that has proved you won’t die in it, beyond reasonable doubt.
  6. If you can’t prove they won’t die, your business will die.
  7. S/he who alleges must prove. Every gym has the onus to prove its a Safe Place. Every gym has the #BurdenOfProof and burden of truth.
  8. Bullshit will make customers quit. If customers don’t believe what you are selling, your gym will never be sold out. Then you will end up selling your business.
  9. 5th Degree Credibility is not an option when you are trying to prove that customers won’t die in your place. 5th Degree Credibility is not free. It costs a fortune. It takes more than the Fitness Industry’s addiction to give away for free – free membership, free coaching, free intellectual property. Giving away for free will not elevate your credibility. It’s only evidence of desperation and lazy selling, marketing, promotion, and branding.
  10. 15 years of policing taught me the Law of Survival that now is our post-shutdown business #1 strategy – predict the worst, prevent it. Predict hell, stop it from happening. Bad news – sounds like fun until it has to be done. You need credible evidence to live by the Law of Survival in order to keep living. The worst mistake is making proactive, preventative decisions based on baseless presumptions, opinions, suspicions, wishful thinking, and amateur posts on social media that spreads speculative propaganda.
  11. #Bullshit has an expiry date. Customers will quit the more you bullshit. 
  12. #FeelingSafe doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. Nothing happens coincidentally, randomly, accidentally, or overnight.
  13. Never give in to the temptation of the Presumption of #FeelingSafe. Its easy to bullshit yourself with an inflated opinion of your business, about your competence, about the reality of whether customers truly in their heart feel safe in your gym.
  14. Without credible evidence to yourself and customers, you’re playing a deadly guessing game.
  15. No one is the same because the level of collective fear is not the same. Its unprecedented. Fear forces one of three decisions – fight, freeze, or flight. If customers fear for their lives, they will take flight from your business. Guaranteed. 100% fact.

Conclusion: We are in the fear-management business. It’s a matter of life-and-death

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Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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