Gym Re-Opening Survival: Part 2

If it’s never happened before, you can’t think like before.

The word ‘Re-opening’ is wrong. It’s misleading. The gym I own, X Fitness, opened 3 weeks ago after a 4-month Government Shutdown. It didn’t re-open. The distinction between opening and re-opening is the main element of #business survival during a #Pandemic. X Fitness didn’t re-open because re-opening means re-opening the exact same business. We have not re-opened an old business. A lot looks the same at X Fitness now as it did before the Government Shutdown but its not the same business. Perceiving X Fitness as the same business would have been a fatal mistake. We would have gone broke. Consequently, X Fitness didn’t re-open. It opened. 

Our January, 2020 Business Plan never included the unimaginable—Government Shutdown. The business plan never included the word Pandemic. The shutdown and Pandemic changed our entire business because of the Unprecedented Effect—the dramatic effect of exigent circumstances that never existed before. The Unprecedented Effect governs our new business practices—how we operate X Fitness, how we relate to customers, how we plan, how we execute. The Unprecedented Effect has ushered in a new era—Beyond Post-Modernism, an era characterized by 2 primary elements:

  1. New priorities
  2. New customer mentality

Beyond Post-Modernism constitutes deep, profound Culture Shock, a condition caused by Existential Crisis, where current life becomes a marked departure from the past resulting in Cognitive Dissonance, the inner conflict caused by an intense struggle between change and status quo. Beyond Post-Modernism has re-defined fear—how fear is felt, how fear is managed, how fear is solved. Beyond Post-Modern gym business is now a challenge—to solve Customer and Entrepreneurial Fear—fear of dying, fear of suffering, fear of loss, fear of extinction. The extent of Customer Fear is uncertain. 

Customer Psychology has dramatically changed. The full extent of Customer Fear cannot be accurately researched with 100% certainty because of the Unprecedented Uncertainty generated by an Unprecedented Pandemic. Customer Fear, mindset, and patterns of thinking are fluid, day by day, moment by moment, because of the bombardment of Unprecedented Influence—social media, traditional media, Internet communication that has dramatically altered the way humans think and the way humans change their thinking. The conventional 66% Rule of Conformity has dramatically changed. Conformity is now governed by the 10-90 Rule, where over 90% have become blind #followers on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and any ScreenPlay that gives the illusion of meaningful connection.

The following is a partial list of the X Fitness Beyond Post-Modern Business Philosophy that has succeeded so far:

  1. The Pandemic has re-defined #Life&Death. What was taken for granted has now been taken away. Conscientious has changed. So has conscientiousness. Two separate concepts that are governed by The Law of Proportion—as one grows, so does the other.
  2. There is no such thing as an #OldCustomer. Past customers who joined have dramatically changed whether they admit it or not, whether they are consciously aware or not. It’s impossible not to be different when daily death counts enter your mind. It’s impossible not to be different when people you know die or suffer because of a new virus. It’s impossible not to be different when jobs and businesses have been closed by government order, defying all prior definition of rational thinking. Every #OldCustomer is a New Customer. Failure to recognize that distinction will result in business extinction.
  3. Remove #victim from your vocabulary. It’s easy to consciously or subconsciously play #victim—unfairness by having your livelihood removed without consent for 4 months. Expressing the Victim Mentality will become your #LeadBlocker, impeding progress in the Beyond Post-Modern Era that demands 365-24-7 focus and full-attention to innovation and creativity. Victim Mentality is a gas-guzzler. It’s not energy-efficient. The Victim Mentality will make your business a victim of extinction through self-fulfilling prophesy.
  4. Government Shutdown is unnatural. Closing a business for 4 months constitutes Business Death. Any business shutdown for 4 months means the business died. If it was alive, it would have been open and living.
  5. The Pandemic is not over. Fifteen years of policing taught me Real Life-and-Death Lesson #22,871—predict the worst, prevent the worst hell. Pandemic Uncertainty has the capacity to kill your business again if another government shutdown happens. Theoretically, we don’t own our business right now. The government does. They have the power to do what no one else has done during our 19 years of business existence—close us down. That means #PrepareForTheWorst. Not just talk about it or think about it. Do something concrete about it.
  6. Selling H.E.L.L. is now an even worse hell to sell. Heavy Extreme Laborious Lifting always has been and always will be the toughest thing in the world to sell. No exceptions. Here’s the proof— how many people do you know work out religiously for life? H.E.L.L. has now become a higher degree of hell to sell. Don’t believe all the romantic posts on social media:

“Thank goodness the gym is open.” 

“Can’t wait to start working out again.”

“Missed it real bad.”

I don’t believe it because of exhibit A—I have a 51-year workout streak. No breaks, no steroids, no drugs. I don’t know anyone else who has matched that.  

Episode 920 of Blunt Talk Podcast compliments of X Fitness:

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter 

Blessings + all good things


Gino Arcaro

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