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Gutless Football – how not to go broke.

I wasted 45 minutes of my life watching the 4th quarter of a university football between Michigan State and Indiana, that was on the TVs in my gym X Fitness. Less than a minute to go, game tied 31-31, Michigan State ball on the Indiana 2 yard line…repeat – two yard line. Michigan State is a Goliath. Just 2 yards to score a touchdown. Instead of making a statement and running for a touchdown, the quarterback ran sideways to the middle of the field and took a knee. Michigan State killed the clock until their kicker kicked a field goal over everyone’s head to win the game. 80,000 fans plus players went berserk over Gutless Football.

This is the reason why I don’t waste time, energy, or money watching university or pro sports on TV – Gutless Football:

This is why I have the world-record for no-kicking. I never have believed in and never will believe in teaching my players to settle for less – for settling for mediocrity, for settling for 3 points instead of 6 points, for not trusting your offense to do their job and gain just 2 yards.

Not trying to score a touchdown and settling a field goal was more proof that my poor illiterate Italian immigrant father was right in the 1960’s – he hated sports on TV. He hated the thought of watching sports. Here’s what he said in Broken Italian and Broken English because he was uneducated in both: “Are they going to pay you for watching?!?!?!”

Antonio was right. I interrupted writing another chapter of my new book #Unbreakable to watch Gutless Football where a Goliath did not try their best to do their very best. Perfect example of Broken Focus, of how distractions will destroy your business and contribute to going broke, to losing everything you own by watching other people get rich.

Ironically, those 45 wasted minutes of my life was more time than my record-breaking workout with my X Fitness Women’s Lifting Team that happened after the game ended. 45 minutes could have been invested in working out instead of watching alleged elite athletes and coaches not try to do their very best. This is why I never ever listen to any of my team’s excuses or my own excuses during my 50-year workout streak that there isn’t enough time to workout. I tell them and myself that the time wasted in front of TVs, phones, laptops, and every screen you’re addicted to is time they could invest in working out.

Field goal attempts inside the opponent’s 10 yard line should be banned. Go for it or don’t even play the game.

And, the same Goliaths win year after year. Same Top Ten. Nothing changes. Rich get richer.

Here’s my point that I remind myself of – get your priorities straight. Investing everything you own in a business makes you responsible for the life of that business. ROI (Return on Investment) becomes a matter of life-and-death of your business. Watching Gutless Football that rewards settling for less, doing less, and winning the easy way provides ZERO ROI. That’s what I remind myself to prevent going broke, to prevent my family from losing every they have, and to waste my family’s #SweatandBlood they pour into working for my business while I waste 45 minutes watching Gutless Football.

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter

Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3

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