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Last Monday, I got a sore throat. Then my sinuses got plugged. Then my left rotator cuff hurt. Then the right side of my neck got stiff. Then my lower back locked up. Then my stomach bloated up and my gut started spilling over. Then I was convinced I had flu symptoms – felt like my body was entirely bruised. Then I Googled “adrenal fatigue.” Then a guy I grew up with told me we were old. Then another guy told me that we were past our prime and it was our kid’s time. Then I read an article about the testosterone drop in males after age 35. Then I worried if my body was making any testosterone at all. Then I told someone that, “I’m 55 and I’m not getting any younger!!” Then a guy asked me how long ago I “retired” from college teaching. Then I got pissed off that gas prices went up. Then I got more pissed off that bananas were green at the grocery store. Then someone said, “Man, you work out real late!” Then I started pouring more BCAA’s into my 3L drink because I convinced myself that I was suffering from serious free radical buildup from years of working out too heavy. Then I called a supplement company and asked them about Tribulus. Then I blamed the lack of sun for getting fat. The I Googled “sun deprivation” and found research that the sun helps raise natural testosterone. Then I blamed eating too much brown rice for losing vascularity. Then I remembered that I could still be working in the same flour mill carrying 140-lb flour bags eight hours a day like I did during high school. Then I remembered that if still had that job, I would have to do heavy lifting 40-hours a week for another decade or more. Then I remembered that people like my father did just that, day in and day out without calling in sick or complaining and without making excuses. Then I realized that I have an extremely spoiled life in comparison to my father’s life. Then I went in my gym and lifted very heavy weight every single night at warp-speed pace. Then, I hit the bags. Then I ran. Then all the bullshit went away.
Gino Arcaro
Owner – X Fitness Inc.
Head coach – Oakville Longhorns football
author – Soul of a Lifter

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