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If you ever get the chance to be a head football coach of a poor, dead high school program, do it. It’s a blessing. You will learn more about coaching, yourself, about winning, about losing, about what matters most in sports, than at any other level of football. I strongly recommend that you find the worst high school program with The Least – dual meaning. Least talent and least resources. Then learn how to turn around a losing program from the Deep Depths of Minus-Zero, the laughingstock hell. Learn how to beat the rich. Learn how to beat the piss out of Goliath. The lessons your team and you will learn will last a lifetime. The bonds created will last for life. You don’t need riches. You can make the poor rich. Nothing is more rewarding than Lifting the Least. There’s no greater reward than teaching poor teams that they are not poor, that they can build limitless S&M – strength & muscle – in mind-body-soul to beat any Goliath that calls you out, that stands in your way, that blocks you from your life’s mission and destination. 

What you learn on the poorest field can be translated to any field. The deepest, most profound professional experience I’ve had is leading 3 high school teams out of dead-last. Its a get-rich-quick experience. Deeply and profoundly enriching in mind-body-soul. The lessons you and your team experience and learn will be absorbed into your system, becoming part of your DNA. It will become your Blood-Type. You will become the equivalent of Blood-Family. 

Underdog Lessons are priceless. You cannot buy them. You can’t Google them. You can’t find them on Youtube. You have to live it. Underdog Lessons include a level of Transcendent #Lifting&Learning – dual meaning. Life-altering experiences through mind-body-soul alteration.

Its easy to be tempted by money, to search for rich teams, rich players, rich programs, hoping to get rich with a multi-million dollar coaching contract. If I waited for anyone to pay me, I never would have coached. I would have missed out on a 40-year Sacred Experience. I was an unpaid coach for 40 years but I got rich in mind-body-soul by experiencing what money cannot buy.

There’s a UnderDog Formula we used to beat rich high school teams, beat high school Goliaths. The formula was #Minimalism:

  1. Minimal running plays.
  2. Minimal lifts in the weight room.
  3. Minimal rest between gym sets and practice sets.
  4. Minimal passing.
  5. Maximum reps.

The following is our UnderDog Mentality:

5+4+6 = championships.

  1. 5 running plays.
  2. 4 running backs.
  3. 6 basic lifts.
  4. Step on the gas.
  5. Never run out of gas.
  6. Never pass first – dual meaning.
  • we never ran more than the same 5 running plays at all three poor high school programs. No secrets, no trick plays, no overload. Just work overload, reps overload.
  • 4 running backs included the quarterback. All our QBs were running backs first, passers second.
  • 6 basic lifts in the weight room directly converted pounds to points – dual meaning.
  • All receivers were blockers first, ball-carriers second.
  • Message to opponents – Expect the expected. 
  • When they can’t stop what they expect, they expect to lose.
  • Message to our team – If you are unwilling to work your ass off to flawlessly execute those 5 running plays, expect to lose.
  • Lose your expectation to lose or you lose out on being a part of a Sacred Experience.
  • No one, nowhere outworks us, out-lifts us, outhits us. Guaranteed.

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Gino Arcaro

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