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#goodisnotgoodenough – L.I.F.T. – part 3

225-lbs Reps-testing for Bench Press and Squats is more than a physical test of strength. It’s a football-personality test that shows who is serious about bringing out their very best and reaching full potential and who isn’t. The only way to change ordinary performance to extraordinary football performance is by committing to a L.I.F.T. program. (Longhorns Iron Football Training).

I’ve researched the connection between Bench Press, Squats, and football performance for over 40 years. Not one player who has committed himself to lifting has ever failed to dramatically improve on-field performance. Not one. 100% improvement rate. The reason is body armor and mind armor. Lifting is guaranteed to make you bigger, faster, and stronger – physically and mentally. 225 bench press and squats build up balls and protective armor. Football, at its core is a game of balls. A contest of who has bigger ones. One way to build them is by lifting. The bigger the balls, the better the performance.
Commitment to lifting reveals itself with next-level performance on the field. Lifting consistently develops every personality trait needed to improve from an ordinary to extraordinary football player.

No matter how good you are, you can get better. The solution to football improvement is in the gym. Lifting is the solution for football problems. Lifting is the program-builder that’s the difference between winning and losing. And it’s the difference between winning and winning big.

Life is about choices. So is football. Team success or failure is dictated by the choices each person makes starting at this moment. The choices made now will reveal in the standings.

Never settle for good.


Gino Arcaro
Head coach – Oakville Longhorns
Owner – X Fitness Inc.
Author- Soul of a Lifter