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The Golden Rule of Survival

Here’s the golden rule of football survival: the difference between those who can handle it and those who can’t is the ‘hit & run ratio’ – the number of hits you take plus the number of hits you give divided by the number of times you run over your opponent minus the number of times your opponent runs over you minus how many times you run away from the fight plus how many times you run toward the fight.

What happens when the fight starts for real determines who wins championship rings and who keeps dreaming.

My 41st season of coaching football is approaching in 2014. At the top of the list of countless lessons I’ve learned is that talk will never win anything. Talking doesn’t score points, talking doesn’t tackle, talking block, and most of all, talking doesn’t lift. Dual meaning. Talking won’t lift weights. Talking doesn’t inspire.

Talking will not work out. Dual meaning. Talkers won’t work out because their main focus is talking instead of doing and talkers don’t work out because words can’t lift weight. Championship rings are won by time spent under a bar, not by time spent in a bar. Performance counts. Nothing else matters other than performance. Profile pics can make you look tough but they will never make you play tough. Pretty uniforms and shiny machines make your Facebook page entertaining but they will never scare anyone in the fourth quarter, they won’t stop the bleeding, they won’t relieve the pain. If you want to avoid all the hell associated with football, the solution is simple – stay out of the game. The same applies in real-life. Be ready to play the game full out or stay at home under warm cozy blankets, watching your favourite/favorite celebrities making their dreams come true while your dreams turn to nightmares.

Football games, like anything worthwhile in real-life, are not won on the pages of social media. Tweeting, sharing, liking, commenting, and connecting will never win anything. They only contribute to losing.

On a different note, a link to another back-to-basic top 100 Classic Rock workout song follows my signature.


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