Goal-line stand

The #Hurt try to hurt. Broken people try to break others with words. Don’t take it personal, don’t make it personal. They are confusing you with someone else. They are pissed off at someone, including themselves, and take it out on you because you can take it. You have enough #equipment.

Expressing rage toward the wrong person is the outcome of #Targeting. You’re a target as long as you are in the game. The #1 defense versus targeting is turn on the #AfterBurners, leaving them behind, and crossing the #GoalLine. Dropping the gloves puts you in the same as your offender – stuck at the same lin as them, gaining no ground, wasting your time F-ing around.

Put your rage in the cage. The #cage is a Sacred Place in the #Basement @xfitness, a place of conflict resolution where you load & explode doing heavy #squats and heavy #BenchPress. The more you #LoadandExplode in the cage, the less you load & explode with social & anti-social rage.

Never fear hurt. Especially the hurt of work. If you fear hurt of work, think of your competition who does not. The solution to beating #Goliath, beating the #Rich, is forcing them to work beyond the work-capacity they trained for. They will crack mentally because of the hurt of trying to outwork yourself. The only way to prevent the killer-pain of mentally cracking under pressure is to outwork yourself during training. Outwork who you were yesterday and you won’t hurt on GameDay.


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