“I am an ex-police officer, ex-college professor/program coordinator,
current gym owner, writer, and football coach.”

– Gino Arcaro

I started working out by lifting and running as a dysfunctional 12-year-old, trying to overcome childhood obesity. Lifting transformed my life physically and mentally. I have been lifting for more than 45 consecutive years, 100% natural. I lift almost every day. It’s part of who I am and it will always be, but it doesn’t define me.

I worked in a flour mill during high school, carrying 140-lb. flour bags, 8 hours a day, while attending school and playing football. In 1975, at the age of 18, I started my policing career and my volunteer football coaching career as an assistant coach. I became a SWAT team officer at 21. I worked as a uniform patrol officer for nine years until I was promoted to detective at the age of 26. At the same age, I became a high school head coach and started designing my unique SWAT no-huddle offense and defense – my systems that evolved over the next four decades of coaching. During that time, I specialized in helping student-athletes move to the next-level, to university and the pros, providing volunteer strength training and recruiting services.

After 15 years of police work, I changed careers to become a college law enforcement professor and taught for 20 years, 13 of which I was program coordinator of two law enforcement college programs. During my two-decade college teaching career, I became a bestselling academic author, writing 20 editions of 6 law enforcement textbooks that are used in colleges throughout Canada, including the Canadian Military Police. I also earned a Master degree, an undergraduate degree, and Level 3 National Coaching Certification.

In 2001, I started a 24-hour gym called X Fitness Welland Inc. The gym recently celebrated its 14th anniversary.

In 2010, I changed careers again to become a full-time business owner and writer. I made the literary transition to non-fiction motivational writer. My first book, Soul of a Lifter was published in 2011. Since then I have written several others including, 4th & Hell, a 5-book series telling true David versus Goliath stories of my Canadian club football team competing in the United States. Soul of an Entrepreneur is a 3-book series that counsels the would-be entrepreneur. My successful, X Fitness Training System, is recorded in eXplode and my system for those who want to lose weight is found in my book, Fat Losing. SWAT Offense and SWAT Defense are available for football coaches who want to teach my limitless, no-playbook systems. Continuing with my policing textbooks, I’ve written an 8-volume Interrogation series called, Arcaro’s Interrogation Case Law Book. The birth of my grandchildren led to my first children’s books in the HappyKidsBooks.ca series: Be Fit Don’t Quit and Beauty of a Dream.

Currently, I’m writing allegorical non-fictions books to help humans reach full potential. These future books are called: Hashtag Peace, Midnight Shift from Hell, Working with the Dead, and, Another Bar Fight.

In 2015, I started a Podcast called Blunt Talk. It is intended to help listeners reach full potential by listening to guests talk about their story and provide Good Inspirational News Only.

I am motivated in my workouts, writing, coaching, and business by my belief that we all have a potential Soul of a Lifter. We are called to lift for life. We can lift ourselves. We can lift others.

Keep lifting,

Gino Arcaro, M.Ed., B.Sc.

Train with Gino Arcaro

eXplode: The X Fitness System, is a copyrighted system that has been adapted for use in all personal training sessions and Bootcamps. The system was created by X Fitness Welland Inc. owner Gino Arcaro, who taught and certified Leeann Arcaro-King to administer it.
Gino’s specialty is building lasting strength – a quality that naturally leads to more self-confidence and improved standard of healthy living. Online training through X Fitness is available. Following a personal assessment of your level of fitness and goals, Gino will provide a personalized training program. Contact X Fitness for details and set up your initial consultation.