GAME 7: Pandemic Business Survival – pt 3

Imagine being a football coach having to Google the news every day to find out the New Rulebook while you try to plan for #GameDay.

Imagine being a #policeofficer having to Google the news every day to find out New Laws while your preparing for another #MidnightShiftFromHell.

That’s what its like owning a gym business during the #Pandemic. It happened again today – Google the news to find out the New Rulebook.

Here are some answers to the daily business questions we receive from our #socialmedia network, from current and prospective entrepreneurs:

  1. #Adaptation has been redefined during the Pandemic.
  2. The concept of adaptation today has minimal relevance to the pre-Pandemic definition of adaptation.
  3. The same applies to the concept of Survival of the Fittest. New definition.
  4. The Pandemic is the most challenging Darwinian business process we have ever faced in 19 years of owning a gym. Its the #NextLevel of Darwinism.
  5. Every day is Game 7.
  6. Every day is an elimination game.
  7. Every day is Sudden Death Overtime.
  8. Pandemic Business is a High-Pressure Zone.
  9. The High-Pressure to keep your business alive and not get eliminated can break you in mind-body-soul and in the bank.
  10. One bad call and you lose it all.  
  11. What’s the solution to not going broke? Grow some serious balls to make the tough split-second life&death calls.
  12. Without growing balls bigger than you ever had, nothing else will work. Its the starting point. I cannot emphasize enough that this solution is the catalyst to unprecedented adaptation needed to win the Darwinian process and not become extinct. #Goals #plans #positivethinking all sound like fun but none of those matter without growing some & showing some.

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Blessings & all good things


Gino Arcaro

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