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Fourth and hell

Three of the easiest things to do are:
1. Underachieve
2. Underestimate self
3. Give up when things get tough.

All three take little or no effort. That’s the problem. Lack of effort. Minimal effort results in all three and minimal effort is needed to get to all three stages and to stay there.

Underachieving, underestimating self, and giving up when things get tough are much easier to do than achieving, valuing your skills, and not giving in.

It’s impossible to achieve without understanding self. It’s impossible to understand self by underestimating self. When you don’t understand what you’re capable of, you quit. It’s all connected. Chain reaction. Fixing one link solves the problem. I’ve coached and taught thousands of student-athletes who had no idea about their full potential. They needed to be shown proof. That’s what coaches are for. The primary goal of coaching is to raise levels of consciousness. Lift self-awareness. Open people’s minds and hearts so they open their eyes to see who they truly are and what they can truly become.

Just finished another book tonight called “Fourth and Hell: Culture Shock-season 2.” The book is a true story combined with hardcore practical motivational philosophy. It took three months to write the book. The book’s primary goal is to motivate people, including myself, to take personal performance to a new level. Underachieving is one of the worst injustices. It’s bad enough when other people hold you back from becoming your very best but its worse when you do it to yourself. Left unchecked, underachieving becomes hell, a burning inner hell that spills over into the environment.

I’m giving away free excerpts. If you’d like this free preview, please email me at through our website.

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