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Figuring out the next move

The equipment manager of a semi-pro team that I coached in 1994, the Hamilton Wildcats, phoned me three days into the new year about a business issue. We reminisced about extraordinary memories from an undefeated 9-0 championship season in our 1994 expansion year and an overall two-season 20-2 record. The team started from scratch with only 22 players and overcame a number of unnatural football adversities. That Hamilton Wildcat team set offensive and defensive records that stood for almost two decades. We never kicked. We set world records for most onside kickoffs and everything else in football that people were and still are afraid to do. The 1994-95 Hamilton Wildcats were a gridiron David versus Goliath, where David became Goliath by pounding the hell out of every opponent week by week until each Goliath got weak. After I got off the phone, I felt homesick. I don’t want to live in the past but I do want to re-capture the feeling of taking on another David versus Goliath challenge. I sent two messages to people in my network, trying to find a challenge similar to that hopeless cause, the Hamilton Wildcats in 1994. The first message struck out. The second message was a hit.

Here’s my point. Nothing just happens. Events happen for a reason. We cross paths for a reason. Crossing paths builds opportunities. Then we decide what to do with the opportunity presented – make something happen or let it slide. Nothing will happen on its own. Dual meaning – there are two distinct meanings within that statement. That phone call happened in the middle of a “Calling Crisis” when I was experiencing uncertainty about what my next move should be. The next move, with respect to your calling, is never easy and making the next call about your calling never gets easier. It gets more complicated because there’s more on the line. When you’re not sure about what the next move is, start by making just one move because one move will lead to the next move and the next move and the next move. You’ll never move forward until you make the first move. Standing still makes you go nowhere. This is an excerpt of a new book I’m writing that is intended to be a game-changer.

On a different note, here’s another of my top 100 workout classic rock hits for the first 100 days in 2014. The link is after my signature.


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