Fitness Leadership

Fat loss part 3

I experienced childhood obesity. I know the struggle of fat loss. I lost fat on my own because I had to. There were no fitness coaches and we couldn’t afford one if there were. As it turned out, I have coached thousands on the football field and in the gym and I’ve come to a conclusion – not many can do it on their own. Getting in shape needs coaching. Fitness is like any sport – you develop under the leadership of a coach. It’s very difficult to be self-taught because it takes extraordinary amount of self-discipline and commitment but, most importantly, you need the expertise to get results.

One of the leading causes of quitting working out is not knowing what to do. Doing the wrong thing leads to no results, which leads to frustration, which leads to quitting. Expertise is the key. Just like with any sport, fitness needs coaching. A expert fitness coach will do two things: (i) teach you to do the right things (ii) motivate you to keep working out.

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