FAT LOSS part 2

Being in shape or out of shape is a choice. Having experienced childhood obesity, I learned that:
(i) fat grows faster than muscle
(ii) childhood obesity is nightmarish
(iii) losing fat is an exercise of free will

Getting in shape depends entirely on your personal choices. Fat loss is the product of a series of decisions. Good decisions, good shape. Bad decisions, bad shape. I have coached and taught thousands of student-athletes who are throwing away their health by willingly letting themselves get out of shape. My coaching ideology is simple – train hard or go home. I don’t cut any player. Players who can’t cut it cut themselves. I don’t compromise on my ideology that student-athletes must be in peak physical and mental condition to compete. That’s the secret to winning. There’s no shortcut to success. Get in top shape and you’ll win consistently; stay in bad shape and you’ll lose consistently. The choice is yours.

The decision to lose fat start with need. I lost my childhood obesity when I needed to. The need started when I couldn’t tolerate looking at my gut, feeling fat, being a horrible little league athlete, and when I could no longer tolerate the ridicule of my teammates and coaches. Need is the most powerful motivator. When you need to change, you will. That’s the secret starting point of fat loss.