Fitness Soul of a Lifter

Fat loss

The battle to loss fat and keep it off is a struggle. There’s no easy way around fat loss. Fat loss needs to be worked out in three places: in the gym, in the kitchen, and in the mind.

I fought childhood obesity. At the age of 12, I stated a work out career that has lasted 42 years, uninterrupted. The operative word is “career.” Working out isn’t a hobby for me, it’s a career. The reason is that I refuse to go back to obesity. Fat cells don’t disappear. They shrink. Consequently, my childhood obesity makes it easier for me to get fat. My fat-fighting has been a life-long battle. But I’m winning because of three reasons: gym, kitchen, mindset.

Fat loss starts at the top – mindset. There is no way to get in the shape that you want without self-discipline. Not just average discipline, hardcore discipline. What is hardcore self-discipline? Iron-will. The will to stick to a plan. The will to follow what needs to be done. The will to lead yourself out of the misery of being out of shape. Iron-will mindset doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. The secret is practice. Iron-will is habits developed by practice. The first step is to change your focus on what matters and then stick to that focus. What you focus on grows…good or bad. Get a plan and focus on it.

Exercise is the next component of fat loss. Strength training with weights and cardio. Lifting weights is a part of my life, a part of my daily routine. I’ve lifted weights for 42 consecutive years for one reason – mindset. I developed a passion for it because it works. The benefits are amazing. I don’t focus on the pain of working out. I focus on the pain of NOT working out. When I think of life without working out, I rush to the gym to get my rush. The gym will transform your life – guaranteed.

The third element of fat loss is the kitchen. The 3 secrets of nutrition are simple –
i. remove junk food
ii. spread out food intake throughout the day
iii. proper protein intake.

Removing junk food will dramatically change your appearance. Junk food is easy to define but we sometimes rationalize/irrationalize. You don’t need a PhD in nutrition to figure out what’s junk food.

Portion size is vital. Large meals make me fat. But I don’t starve. Far from it. I eat 6-7 small meals every day and mini-meals in between.

Protein is essential for both men and women. Protein is crucial to build muscle. Even though protein is not a direct fat-burning food, protein intake stimulates certain hormone release in the body creating a natural fat loss effect. I never have and never will take a fat-burner supplement. The body does it legally, safely, and for free.

How do you succeed at all three? A fitness coach with a track record. Fitness isn’t a luxury, it’s essential for quality of life.