Fat loss

“If you are a human garburator, nothing will cut the fat to cut your abs. Treating your stomach like a garbage disposal unit won’t cut it.” – from my next book -Explode: X Fitness Training System

I’ve experimented with every ab exercise during my 42-year workout career for myself and every football team I’ve coached. Here’s what I’ve concluded:

1. a six-pack depends on the relationship between resistance training, eating, and cardio.

2. running on pavement melts fat – a combination of distance running and wind sprints burns fat like a furnace

3. six small meals per day – protein-packed, carb-regulated.

4.There are no magic pills, no magic diets, no magic machines.

5. I’ve settled on 5 ab exercises that I incorporate religiously into my workouts. I explain them in my upcoming book “Explode: X Fitness Training System”