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Fat Gripz

This is not a paid commercial for Fat Gripz.  It’s an unsolicited, unpaid endorsement. A friend sent me two pairs of Fat Gripz to try out.  Amazing results. I decided to write about them.

In the past, I have used sponges, towels, plastic coil, anything to make the bar wider because the benefits of wider grip are incredible. Forearm strength is grossly neglected and under-rated.  I have coached thousands of athletes who have ignored forearm and grip strength, which has obstructed the potential of every upper body lift.  The majority of the athletes I have coached live by the 225 lb bench press, the upper body measurement that evaluates sustained strength, work ethic, will-power, and…balls. The 225 lb bench press test is one of the litmus tests that determine progress to the next level, to university football and pro football. The science of increasing the number of 225 lb bench press reps starts with forearm and grip strength. Our research shows that the majority of failed lifts occur at the mid-point of the bench press, where forearm weakness fails to push the bar past the “stick” point causing it to make a crash landing.

The benefits of a fat bar are remarkable. A wide bar doesn’t just hit forearms, it blows up whatever upper body part you’re training – biceps, triceps, shoulders, traps, chest, back. I had a custom-made dip bar with wide grips that blow up triceps better than any other dips I’ve ever done.  But, Fat Gripz are better than any home-made sponges and make-shift fat bars. Fat Gripz is the equivalent of adding weight on the bar without adding plates. And, the pump you get has to be experienced.

I now use Fat Gripz for all athletes I coach and for every upper body exercise EXCEPT OLYMPIC BAR BENCH PRESS. The reason is their grip and forearm weakness makes bench pressing with a wide bar unsafe. As a solution, I have them use Fat Gripz on the Hammer Strength bench press, and incredible device that safely supplements the type of training that I coach.

I use Fat Gripz for barbell and dumbbell work – curls, hammer curls, triceps work, shoulder press, T-bar rows, chins, pull-downs, shrugs.  I visibly saw a difference from the first time I used Fat Gripz. Now, I use both grips – with and without Fat Gripz in every upper body workout.

Hand placement is vitally important in every exercise.  How you hold a bar and exactly where you hold it has to have a specific reason. You can’t randomly position hands for safety and efficiency. Fat Grips allows the wide-range of hand placements that we teach and a ‘partial wide grip’ that can have explosive results.

Fat Gripz have a dual-purpose It starts off as a test of forearm and grip strength and then becomes one of many solutions to correct it  The athletes I coach get first-hand evidence of their forearm/grip weakness developed through neglect.

If you need more information, I’d be glad to provide it. Feel free to inbox, email, or phone me.

Gino Arcaro

Owner – X Fitness

Head coach – Niagara X-Men football