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Fat doesn’t retire because it never gets tired.

“How do I lose fat?”

“How do I get in shape?”

One of the mysteries of life is how to get into top physical shape. It’s one of the top 5 questions I get asked – by others and by myself. I have been fighting fat for my entire life. I won the battle of childhood obesity. I’ve been battling fat since then to stop it from making a comeback. To answer the question, I’m writing an e-book series. I finished Book One last night. It’s the most important part of the series. Here’s the title:

Fat Losing: the turnaround
Book One – X Fitness Program: The Psychology of Fat Losing
Waste Mismanagement leads to Waist Mismanagement

Fighting fat and trying to get in shape can be frustrating to some of us. I don’t work-out to enter physique contests. I work-out for two reasons. One is to prevent the return of obesity. If I didn’t work-out virtually every day of my life, I’d have a big problem. Literally and figuratively. If I didn’t eat the way I do, I’d have bigger problems. Literally and figuratively. I learned the secret to a flat stomach a long time ago.

Fat give you two choices: fight back or it let it fight back. My fat cells fight like hell to make a comeback every day of my life. Fat is exactly like that opponent you line up against that just won’t quit. Tireless, relentless, ruthless. There’s no difference between fighting fat and lining up against your worst enemy. If you let up even the slightest, you won’t stand a chance.
Like with any fight, it’s easy to get tired and retire. But, there’s a consequence of retiring. You’re the only one retiring. Fat doesn’t retire because it never gets tired.