Fast-tracking: play defense or work defense.

There’s a big difference between playing defense and working defense. Choice of words determines choice of action. Playing defense forms a defensive mentality. Working defense builds an offensive mentality. That’s the difference between a championship defense and a dead-last defense. One of the top 26 distinguishing characters of Working Defense is fast-tracking.

Fast-tracking is the difference between a mauling defense and getting mauled on defense. 

Fast-tracking is an accelerated search & seizure of the ball, at faster speed than the offense’s capacity to search & seize. Fast-tracking is race to the ball that is won by #MuscleBall, defined as the 5 S’s of championship defense – strength, speed, skill, stamina, smarts. #MuscleBall doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happen. All 5 components are built through complex nature-nurture influence. Nature loads the bar, nurture raises the bar – dual meaning

The objective of fast-tracking is progress & possess – triple meaning. Stop their forward progress, take possession of the ball, and gain your own forward progress.

Fast-tracking is the outcome of RDM – Rapid Decision-Making composed of instinct & intuition, one type of thinking the brain uses in exigent circumstances. The brain has 2 types of decision-making process – RDM and SDM. Rapid Decision-Making and Slow Decision-Making. How efficient the brain works on #GameDay depends on how hard the brain is forced to work in #practice

RDM is a first-nature defense mechanism that becomes second-nature thinking – automatic and subconscious. RDM makes decisions with minimal work.

SDM is governed by the conscious mind that has to work harder than RDM. The more work needed by SDM, the slower the decision, the slower the ball-tracking, the more points scored on the defense.

The Law of Proportion governs #defense competence – the slower the ball-tracking, the more the defense gets killed. And vice-versa.

One of the top 51 #DefensiveCoordinator jobs is to convert SDM to RDM, a conversion process that requires #HardReps.

#HardReps sound like fun until they have to be done. #HardReps is not just a catchy hashtag intended to score LOL  – lots of likes. #HardReps are hell. #HardReps constitute brutally hard work physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. #HardReps are a stream of deep, profoundly challenging relevant reps that form a continuum of gradually increasing degree of difficulty. The following are the top 7 principles of building fast-trackers.

  1. Its impossible to learn fast-tracking in slow-motion. 
  2. Walk-throughs get your defense run through.
  3. Fast-tracking only happens at one Energy-Level – 5th degree Rhythm & Flow.
  4. Cognitive Speed is just as important as 40-yard speed.
  5. The word #defense is one of the top 26 barriers that inhibit fast-tracking. Fast-trackers don’t defend. They’re on the offense. Their objective is the same as the offense – possession & points. That mentality is essential to building fast-trackers. Its not just a gimmick to score more likes. Its a powerful force that facilitates defensive point-scoring.
  6. Train your mind before your mind trains you.
  7. Converting SDM to RDM is accomplished through #SuperSet Training and Contextual Teaching, a pedagogical strategy that accelerates Applied Learning and Reality IQ, the combined effect of #FieldSmarts & #BookSmarts that builds 5th Degree Primal Instinct + Intuition.

The curriculum that converts SDM to RDM is another topic for another article

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