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Excuses Detox – The Fitness Secret

I am an expert on excuses because I have heard every one ever invented. July has been a banner month for excuses – from my team and from those who want to know what’s the best workout program to lose fat overnight and build muscle at warp-speed.

The best workout program has 3 elements:

  1. It’s the one you don’t miss,
  2. The one that you actually do, and
  3. The one that you spill your guts at.

The first secret is just show up. The second secret is work like a farm animal after you show up. The actual workout program is irrelevant if you fail to appear. If you don’t show up, there is no workout in the world that will work. And no workout will help if the workout becomes an extension of social networking.

The third secret is stop eating junk. No workout has ever been invented to counter junk food consumption. Eating and drinking garbage can’t be canceled out by working out. Stop blaming the workout, the equipment, your coach, and any other target of your wrath for not losing fat. Blame your food and beverage decisions. Blame your lack of willpower. Blame your weakness. Blame yourself. Stand in the mirror and point directly to the cause.

There’s another secret – stay away from enablers. An enabler is any person who develops, promotes, or rewards your weaknesses. An enabler is a co-conspirator that builds softness – an accomplice who gives your weaknesses strength. An enabler is a party to the offence of rationalizing irrationalization, the skill of justifying the avoidance of work by self-deception. Rationalizing irrationalization is expert alibi-making – high performance self-bullshitting that leads to delusion and illusion.

The excuses I’ve heard this month are professional excuses. There is a progression of excuse-making. It starts with amateur excuse…inexperienced, rookie excuse-making. With practice, excuse-making reaches the next-level – professional. The big leagues. Expert excuse-making. Chronic excuses that block whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. The problem with professional excuse-making is curing it. The deeper the bullshit, the harder it is to purge it. The solution is an excuse-making detox. A cleansing of bullshit. Purge it before it piles up.

Lastly, check the calendar. As each day passes, you are getting older. Old is not a number. Old is inactivity. Old is the stoppage of playing. Old is living vicariously through others. Old is walking slower, talking slower, thinking slower, moving slower…doing slower. Being slower. Old is standing still. Old is a state of mind that raises the white flag, surrender the fight – giving up at any age. Wearing the cardigan, asking for a 15% discount, scolding others for what you got scolded for when you were young.

Old is retiring from the human race, retiring from planet Earth. Old is a lower pulse. Old is shutting down the hormones – letting your adrenaline gland rust.

Old is when your pension matters more than your passion. Old is when you let your dreams die – dream-slaughter, dreamicide, or simply dream-death by natural causes.

Every workout you miss, every excuse you make, is another giant step to getting old while your birth certificate says young.

(excerpt from the “X Fitness Training Manual” – soon to be released)