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Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #25,011 I’ve taught #football #teams, #college #lawenforcement students, and #womens #Lifting teams for 45 years:

(i) One of the top 51 types of killer-stress is wanting success without any excess.

(ii) Excessive success depends on what you do excessively.

Here are the key points:

  1. Success, by whatever definition you choose, involves achieving what you believe. 
  2. Its easy to believe. Different story to achieve.
  3. To achieve what you believe, you have to achieve a Will to Work that exceeds your competition’s Will to Work.
  4. Its humanly impossible to succeed at the highest level with exceeding your competition’s Will to Work.
  5. Ordinary Belief will never achieve the Will to Work intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  6. Exceed & Succeed. Exceeding Belief is a key element to achieving what the rest want as much as you. Exceeding Belief is the true belief that you need invest in more #HardReps than the rest – dual meaning.
  7. Excess leads to success. Excess #HardReps are an essential to success. Guaranteed.
  8. Bad news – Excess #HardReps causes stress.
  9. Excess Work, excess stress. The thought of Excess #HardReps activates the Fear of Hell part of the human mind that flips the Run Switch, the switch that forces running away from real or imagined pain.
  10. The same stress caused by fighting through the #HardReps is caused by running away. The stress of running away is the outcome of Cognitive Dissonance, the guilt & inner conflict resulting from knowing what needs to be done but choosing to run instead.
  11. The stress of wanting success without excess work is worse than the stress of actually doing the excess work. 
  12. There is one difference between the two types of stress – the stress of excess work heals. The stress of running from excess work hurts. It hurts worse the more you want the impossible – to achieve success without excess.
  13. The concept of excess is relative. Excess is defined as more reps than your competition is willing to invest in. 
  14. PMS – Post-Modern Society – has brainwashed 98.6% to believe that ordinary reps are excess work. That #AssBackward Mentality is the social defense mechanism that holds human potential in custody.
  15. Taught my teams – if you’re afraid of excess #HardReps, you won’t achieve success. Your belief isn’t strong enough. Your mind-body-soul isn’t strong enough. Your reps won’t be hard enough.
  16. Fear of hard work is one of the top 26 causes of broken teams and businesses going broke. 
  17. The problem with the concept of #HardWork is its abstract definition. The wide-ranging interpretation of #HardWork is demonstrated daily by #IBS – Internet Bullshitters – who sell shortcuts and short-term success without doing anything to excess. The more time spent online, the less competent you are when lives are on the line.
  18. 20 years of being a gym owner has taught me that self-generated business will generate killer-stress. The stress of owing a gym will kill you in mind-body-soul unless you learn a level of expertise that will never be fully taught by any self-professed online business expert. You have to live it in your reality to keep on living.
  19. Same applies to coaching football. Learning what works takes more than reading or listening to self-professed coaching experts who have coached in a different reality than yours.
  20. #YourReality is the key. Your Reality is different than anyone else’s reality. One of the top 51 definitions of insanity is awarding the Presumption of Competence by awarding instant credibility to anyone who posts #IBS – Internet Bullshit – without any evidence whatsoever that what they preach and teach has any relevance to your reality.
  21. I learned during my 15 year police career that the Presumption of Competence is one of the top 26 dangers to life in mind-body-soul.
  22. Competence and credibility have to be proved with hardcore evidence. 
  23. Hardcore evidence is more than a final score. Hardcore evidence is what work was done or avoided to reach that final score. Hardcore evidence is Proof of Truth – Proof of #HardReps.
  24. Excessive #BadReps leads to excessive losing. Be careful what you do to excess.
  25. Conclusion – The more you want success without any excess, the more killer stress. Work hard once in a while, win once in a while. The more you win in business once in a while, the more likely you go broke after a while.

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