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Evolution of Self

We are all a work-in-progress. No human is a finished product. There’s no finish line as long as you’re alive – dual meaning. Officially and functionally. The Evolution of Self is a journey premised on Impact Decisions – choices that impact who you become and what becomes of the world around you. I’ve coached and taught over 25,000 athletes and students to choose an Impact Mission, a journey of impacting the The Least to become The Most through contagious High-Energy.
The key element to the Evolution of Self is how much difference you make. The measurement of difference-making is what difference it makes whether your present or absent. Nothing hinders the Evolution of Self more than focusing on what doesn’t make a difference.
1/6th of 2019 is almost done. If your New Year’s Resolutions have not worked out, complacency is choking your Evolution of Self. The good news is that all positive change starts with one decision, just one choice that starts the Power of Momentum.
First Set at 6:30pm tonight. The X Fitness No-Break Workout searches for the Next Degree, referring to the next dimension of consciousness that propels your Evolution into a Revolution of Transformation. Push your Last Set as far back as humanly possible. Control your Last Set. Never let it control you.
#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter
Blessings + all good things
Gino Arcaro

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