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It’s fitting that I finished my new business book on Labour/Labor Day because that date has become a Holy Day where I send praise to God Almighty for giving me the sense to leave workplace hell and become a full-time business owner. I’ve been blessed with extraordinary professions. Truly remarkable jobs that defy words. I can’t thank God Almighty enough for having given me the privilege to work at the jobs I’ve worked in. And I praise Jesus Christ every day of my life for getting me the hell out of those places.

I give praise to Jesus the moment I’m fully awake, that moment of elation when it hits me that I run my own life, that I am no longer controlled by the turnstile of strangers who tried to control my thoughts and words and actions, hoping I would blend quietly into the mainstream of sameness and smallness. It takes a few minutes each time. There’s that transition period between semi-awake to fully-awake where my mind can��t process fact from fiction…those few moments where I can’t believe if I’m dreaming my great fortune or not. The moment I’m fully awake, the moment I know with certainty that I run my own life, I give my first praise of the day: “Thank you Jesus Christ. “ I don’t go into details because it’s obvious.

I give praise throughout the day when triggers press the play-back button. Triggers are very common. I give thanks silently (“Thank you God Almighty”) but sometimes I shout it out – THANK YOU GOD ALMIGHTY. The shouting happened today while I worked in my outdoors office, moments after I dove into my pool….about 2:30pm. A major trigger went off.

I’ve stopped twice while writing this article to silently give thanks. Twice. There will be more tonight. For sure there will be some shouting of thanks when I work out at about 1:00 am. Loud ones. No joke. Because I can work out any time I feel like it. I did it last night – out loud at 1:30 am…with people around. And my iPOD at full blast. Then, there’ll be more shouting of praise when I run after my workout. Because I don’t have to get up before the sun rises to go somewhere to fight with people over nothing.

There is no straight line to inner peace but it’s easier to get there being a business owner. Being a business owner is the toughest job I’ve ever had because not one cent is guaranteed. The risk of going flat broke gets in your face every single day. Losing everything in private business is not just a remote chance. It’s a distinct possibility if you don’t work like a farm animal to stop it from happening. The daily pressure of losing it all can break your will. It’s a crushing weight that will bury you if you’re unwilling or incapable of lifting yourself. But, all that is nothing in comparison to the alternative – being controlled for 30-40 years or more, then retire, then cash some pension cheques, then drop dead. Then spend all of eternity wondering what the hell happened.

Thank you, God Almighty. Thank you Jesus Christ. Thank you Holy Spirit.

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