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There are enough depressing people…

If you’re still alive today, it means you’re not done what you’re supposed to do. The job’s not done. Everyone has somewhere to get to. It’s part of the plan, part of the grand scheme of things, and part of our DNA. If you think you have nothing to do, evil has taken over your mind because evil wants you to not do what you’re called to do.

To get the job done, whatever job you’ve been called to do, you have to train for it. The good news about training is that it gets easier the more you do it. The bad news about training is that it gets easier the more you do it. The easier it gets, the softer you get, and the more complacent you get. The easier it gets, the more difficult it has to get. Otherwise, you get nowhere. This principle applies to working out, your business, your career, or whatever job you’ve been assigned as a calling. If you don’t change easy to difficult, you will go backwards. Those who continuously increase the challenge will pass you by.

I’ve taught my football teams for 40 seasons that the decision to make it easier or tougher is the difference between getting flattened and flattening the opponent. Football is an unforgiving contact sport that won’t coddle those who let themselves go. Football is an Athletic Darwinism that chews up the weak. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked for advice by people who want to get in top shape. Here’s the advice – don’t do easy. If it’s easy, you’re wasting your time. Then, make sure you define easy correctly. It’s easy to bullshit oneself that what is truly easy is challenging and demanding. Here’s a clue about what is demanding and challenging – it’s uncomfortable. Therein lies the real challenge – fighting through the discomfort and fighting through your self-deception.

One of the easiest things to do is to bullshit yourself. Nothing much is easier than to live in state of delusion. The reason is that it takes no effort. Dual meaning. Bare minimum effort gets you easy and gets you nowhere. Easy feels good because it hurts less. The tough part is fighting through the tough part. Those who fight through the tough part get tougher. Those who don’t get softer. I’ve taught tens of thousands of student-athletes and college students that they control what they become by choosing between easy and demanding. Many get it, many don’t. It boils down to how easy your life is. If you’ve got it easy, it’s tempting to keep it that way.

The magic number this week is 57 – 57 reps, minimum per giant set, and 57 minutes of running. Fifty-seven matches my age. Fifty-seven reps per giant set burns like hell. So does running 57 minutes afterward. But it’s the only way to get somewhere because the easier it gets, the tougher it’s got to get or you get soft. I’ve dedicated November as next-level month because all I heard in October was depression. October was the least inspiring month I’ve had in 2014 because depressing stories hit an all-time high. I need to be lifted so I’ve decided to lift more than I ever have. #KeepLifting. There are enough depressing people in this world. Don’t add to it. Check out the link after my signature. It’s the top workout song of the week. Don’t miss the ending. Its epic.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., Level 3 NCCP (Nat’l Coaching Certification Program)

Head coach – Niagara X-men football

Owner – X Fitness Inc.

Gino Arcaro is a widely published author. His website, blog, Youtube channel, and list of books are at:

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4th & hell: seasons 1-5, Soul of a Lifter, SWAT Offense, SWAT Defense, X Fitness Workout System, and a 3 business book series called Soul of an Entrepreneur

He also has written 20 editions of 6 law enforcement academic textbooks. A new 8-volume interrogation book series will be released in 2014. And just released, a new children’s book called “BE FIT – DON’T QUIT.” His latest book on human potential called “Hashtag Peace” is at the editing stage. He just finished another book called “Lifter’s High.” Both will be released soon.


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