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Empty set, full pressure – part 1

Empty set, full pressure. That’s SWAT No-Huddle Rule # 3,413 that we have taught our players for 4 decades, on both offense and defense.

The most potent offensive attack we have ever experienced in my 40-year coaching career is the empty set executed with a warp-speed no-huddle.

The main reasons why are:

  1. Defences invest the least number of practice reps against empty sets.
  2. Empty sets are the least understood offensive formation by the majority of defences.
  3. Empty sets cause the most uncertainty and coverage mistakes.
  4. It’s impossible to fully cover 5 receivers on the same play. Our film study has shown that there are at least 2 open receivers, by our definition of open, on every empty set pass play.
  5. Fast-paced empty sets exert the most pressure on defences.
  6. Empty sets create the greatest number of defensive binds and the most challenging defensive binds.
  7. Empty sets force defenses to leave their Comfort Cages faster and farther than any other offensive strategy.
  8. Empty sets expose defensive weakness faster and more clearly than any other offensive formation and strategy.
  9. Empty sets forces the defense to make their toughest personnel decisions.
  10. Nothing changes the character and thinking of a defense more than super-fast-paced empty sets.
  11. Nothing creates more collective defensive self-doubt in the minds of the defensive coordinator and every individual defender than a bombardment of empty sets.
  12. No offensive strategy has more explosive-play capacity and potential than rapid-fee empty sets.

Con’d in part 2. No sport is more challenging to coach than football. No era in the history of football is more challenging to coach in than today. We are in PMS – Post-Modern Stage of football that features the most dramatic shift in ideologies, beliefs, values, and attitudes. Never, ever stop learning. Never stop evolving.

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