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Dream job secret – part 2. Getting a full-time coaching job

Dream jobs don’t just happen. Nothing just happens. Dream jobs remain dream jobs for two reasons: (i) you’re a secret (ii) you failed to build a case.

“S/he who asserts must prove.” That was the very first lesson I learned on my first day as a rookie 18 year old cop. There was a sign on a wall next to the swearing-in room. An index finger pointed at the reader above a caption – “S/he who asserts must prove.” Translation – if you want to make someone believe something, prove it. Build a case. Not just any case, the best case possible with no holes in it. Make believers out of disbelievers. Remove all doubt. The only way is to pile up evidence and present it. Not just any evidence – overwhelming evidence. This is the number one principle in dream-job hunting – prove it. Prove you’re the wo/man for the job. Build a case by piling up the evidence. How much evidence? Pass the bar and more than your competitors.
Every dream job has a bar set at a standard, a bar that won’t get lowered to meet lower standards. The biggest mistake made when dream-job hunting is miscalculating where the bar is set. The first step is to measure the distance – how high is the bar, then pile up evidence past it. But that won’t guarantee a dream job because even if you pass the bar, your competitors want your dream job just as bad as you do. The problem is that you won’t know how much evidence your competitors have to present. That mystery forces you to build your case stronger and stronger, with more and more evidence that proves why you deserve the dream job more than everyone else.
The good news is that if you do build a strong case that you’re the right wo/man for the dream job, you’re in the running. The bad news is that it doesn’t matter if you’re not in the race. Your case won’t matter if you’re a secret. If no one knows who you are and what you’ve done and what you’re capable of doing, the strongest case in the world won’t matter.

The good news is that if you build a strong case that you’re the best for the dream job, word will travel. The bad news is that it may not travel faster than the word about your competition and it may not travel in the direction you want it to go. Word of mouth is a powerful means of broadcasting but it can be overrated because the right mouths have to spread it to the right ears. Word of mouth may or may not go in the right direction. It may or may not run out of gas before the message gets to where it’s supposed to go. The point is to never count on “the offer.”

The good news is that getting ‘offered’ a job means you’ve built a stronger case and you’re not a secret. The bad news is that the ‘offer’ is rare. It won’t just happen. And if you insist on waiting for the ‘offer’ too long, someone else will win the hunt for your dream job by marketing themselves better than you. Word of mouth is not always self-generated. Word of mouth needs high-octane fuel. Otherwise, you remain a secret.

The secret to winning the dream job hunt is to not be a secret. If you remain anonymous, your competition will beat you to your dream job even if your case is stronger. The strongest evidence doesn’t always get the dream job. The winner is the strongest evidence that travels the farthest distance.

The bad news is that being a self-serving egotist who coaches only to get a dream job will likely never get the dream job because coaching has taught me one immutable lesson – you’ll stay a secret if you only care about your dream job. Positive, guaranteed, 100% fact. You’ll never build the strongest case for a dream coaching job by being self-centered. Dream jobs are by-products of giving your heart and souls to lift the hearts and souls of your team and each individual player on that team. The best evidence is how many hearts and souls you’ve lifted. Nothing is more important. If that doesn’t get you your dream job, then the dream job you’re hunting wasn’t a dream job. If you’re making an impact on hearts on souls right now, you have your dream job. That’s the starting point for part 3.


Gino Arcaro M.Ed., B.Sc., NCCP Level 3
Head coach – Niagara X-men football
Owner – X Fitness Inc.

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