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Don’t complain when they don’t train.

If you’re not spilling your guts, don’t expect your team or your staff or your kids or anyone you’re leading to do what you want them to. All the motivational quotes, posters, DVDs, t-shirts won’t work out if you create a culture of losing through laziness and lethargy. Don’t complain when they don’t train if you don’t train.

Where you end up in the standings is evidence of what you tolerate and what you don’t. If you’re business, career, or team is stuck in last place, investigate what you tolerate. Do inventory on your pain tolerance. If you’re putting up with half-assed mediocrity, raise the bar.

If you wait for others to live up to your lofty expectations on their own, you’re not dealing with reality and you will be sadly let down, all the way to last place. The average definition of work ethic is a joke. If you want to call yourself a true leader, define true work ethic, teach it, show it, repeat it. If you haven’t got what it takes to be a leader, give up the title.