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Difference between winning & losing

Difference between winning & losing – Get out of the bar, get under the bar.

Football speeches can go deep or they can drop the ball. Innovative football speeches are needed to break the monotony of the same old speeach but it’s important to repeat the same message over and over. Forty seasons of coaching football has taught me several lessons about speech-making:

1. the words have to come from your heart

2. the words have to reveal your soul

3. the words have to lift other souls

4. it has to be truth

5. it has to be simple.

No complexities, no bullshit, no fairy tales.

There is one message that is part of every season: The difference between winning & losing  – Get out of the bar, get under the bar. Getting hammered will get you hammered on the field. Alcohol abuse will get you abused on the field. The message is simple -  you can’t have it both ways. You can’t live your life hungover and expect to win championships. It doesn’t work like that. If you believe that you can abuse yourself with substance and win, you’re suffering from the side-effects of believing bullshit, the dreaded condition called delusion. If you hungover, the only opponents you can beat can beat are those in worse shape than you.