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Working as a Defensive Coordinator is the best training, education, and Higher Learning to become an Offensive Coordinator. All learning is vital but coordinating a defense will teach the most about how to coordinate an offense. When you learn how to shutdown an offense, you will learn how never to be shutdown on offense – guaranteed. 

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #24,577 that I’ve taught football players & college law enforcement students: #Shutdown, run down. And vice-versa.

Here are the key points of what it means:

  1. Shutting down when lives are on the line is your biggest Death Threat. It will get you killed on any field, in any field.
  2. Shutting down has multiple meanings: (i) shutting down intellectually. (ii) shutting down physically. (iii) shutting down psychologically. 
  3. Shut downs leads to the biggest risk to lives in contact sports or frontline jobs – flawed execution.
  4. Flawed execution leads to elimination and extinction.
  5. There is nothing more embarrassing to your defense than failure to stop the run. Its proof of a level of weakness and incompetence that exposes the work deficiencies of the defensive coordinator and the entire defense.
  6. Shutting down the run is not just a goal. Its a Standard of Living achieved by a Standard of Lifting – dual meaning.
  7. Shutting down the run needs a concrete definition. We define it as the Over 80 Rule – no offence gains more than 80 yards rushing against us on #GameDay. No exception. This is not a goal. Its an expectation. Its a Performance Demand that each defender is expected to absorb deeply & profound in his system and in our system – the SWAT System.
  8. The first Shutdown Step is The Investigation – investigate yourself and investigate the other team. We don’t call it Film Study. We call it an investigation that uncovers #evidence. This perspective dramatically accelerates learning.
  9. We don’t call it tendencies. We call it evidence because of the improved decision-making impact it has on the minds of inexperienced, amateur student athletes who are not pros, not scholarship athletes, who are learning how to survive and thrive in a violent sport that can kill mind-body-soul.
  10. #Evidence is classified into #ReasonableGrounds & #MereSuspicion. 
  11. When football is not your paying job or your player’s paying job, you need an investigative system that is time-efficient and learning-efficient. Football is only a part of life when you have to fit it into your primary job and school.
  12. The objective of an efficient investigation of the opposing offense is to never exceed 7 pieces of pre-snap evidence that conclusively predicts offensive intention.
  13. Seven or less pieces of evidence is the threshold for amateur defenders to #AceTheTest – to proficiently learn and apply pre-snap and post-snap decision-making in less than a week before #GameDay.
  14. A minimum of 30 priority-D Reps per practice is essential to solidify post-snap RDM – rapid decision-making by the defense that shuts down all intended and unintended offensive running lanes.
  15. Walk-throughs get you run through. The only way to build second-nature RDM for #Gameday is for the defense to sense full-speed offensive scout team in action. Our defense has to see, hear, feel it at full-speed to achieve Simulated Training. Fight like you train, train like you fight.
  16. Run stoppage depends on choreographed defensive frontside and backside pursuit precision. Off one degree makes their runner break free. Its easy to draw it up. Different story to make it happen flawlessly 50-60 or more plays per game.
  17. The key to run stoppage is work stoppage – dual meaning. (i) stop the diagrammed offensive Xs & Os from working. (ii) stop the offense from working at full capacity. These 2 meanings are connected.
  18. Diminished offensive execution leads directly to diminished offensive effort. And vice-versa.
  19. One of the top 51 elements of Run-Stoppage is forcing their offense to make more rapid decisions than they prepared for.
  20. Run stoppage starts in the weight room, with a primary focus on No-Break bench press and squats, followed by a structured sled & sprint program. The more you run in practice, the more you stop the run on #GameDay. The more you work in the weight room, the less work stoppage your defense suffers on #GameDay.

Conclusion: Shutdown, run down – dual meaning. (i) shutdown intended running lanes drops down their running gain to under 80 yards. (ii) continuous shutdown runs down the opposing offense in mind-body-soul, down to a non-threatening level of effort and execution.

Work stoppage, run stoppage. Teaching your defense to achieve an offensive work stoppage will be your highest learning experience for the job of offensive coordinator.

The challenges of being a coordinator on defense, offense, special teams have grown exponentially in Post-Modern Football. I strongly recommend you get experience as a coordinator on offense, defense, and special teams to deeply & profoundly understand the entire game of football.

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