#DefensiveCoordinator: break speed limits.

If Speed & Strength won’t last 60 minutes, your defense ends up dead-last. 

  • One of the top 362 responsibilities of a #DefensiveCoordinator is to condition every defender to break speed limits – the endless Layers of Limitations that slow down defenses, play by play. If your defense is unwilling and incapable of breaking speed limits in the 4th Quarter, your winning capacity will be limited and become extinct. 
  • The main problem with Xs & Os is the presumption of stamina –  presuming they can keep it up and keep up with warp-speed offenses for a full 60 minutes and overtime.
  • When you draw X’s & Os, you need at least 4 diagrams per play – 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, and most important, 4th Quarter diagrams. 
  • When you draw the lines on your plays, calculate the speed limit of each X & O to show how fast or slow they go, quarter by quarter.
  • The #DefensiveCoordinator objective is to condition every defender to drive at the Maximum Speed Limit, regardless of what quarter it is. 
  • If the defense’s Maximum Speed Limit drops, the defense gets dropped. They will drop the moment that the opponent’s strength in mind-body-soul exceeds theirs. The biggest mismatch is the distance created by Maximum Speed Limit Drops, play by play. 
  • I’ve never timed a player at practice to determine 40-time speed and never will. Conventional 40-time measures Maximum Speed for the first play, before cuts & bruised come into play.
  • No one measures 40-times after the bleeding starts. Conventional 40-times are Clean Times. No one is covered in blood.
  • When you draw  Xs & Os, don’t forget the cuts & bruises on the Xs & Os.
  • Use technology to include purple for bruises and red for blood. The reason is that cuts & bruises changes the play by altering your Xs & Os in a way that makes 4th quarter Xs & Os entirely different than first Quarter Xs & Os. 

#DefensiveCoordinator is a great job. You can make an immeasurable positive impact on student-athletes’ lives IF you prevent your players from suffering the killer-pain & suffering of immeasurable victim-impacts, play by play. The toughest call to make as a #DefensiveCoordinator is making the call to learn as much as is humanly possible. Learning is work. You can’t learn by playing – playing #FantasyFootball, playing #Madden, playing #fan. You have tow choices – be a student of the game or be a student of fame.

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