Deep Depth or Death: football survival

I’ve taught Real Life&Death Lesson #23,362 to football players & college law enforcement students for 4 decades – Deep Depth prevents death. Dual meaning.

1st meaning meaning: Deep Depth is deep, profound strength of character in mind-body-soul.

2nd meaning: Deep Depth is deep, profound strength of roster depth.

Deep Depth prevents your team from getting killed in mind-body-soul and on the scoreboard. Here’s the problem – building Deep Depth, both kinds – is not the same at every level of football. Not even close. The amount of work needed to build Deep Death in poor programs far exceeds the work needed to build Deep Depth in rich programs.


What works for the rich doesn’t work for the poor. When you can’t recruit superstars to build a championship team, you have to build them. There’s a big difference between buying a championship team and building one. When you’re stuck with who you’ve got, you have two choices – innovate or get decimated & eliminated.

When you can’t buy backups, you have to build from the back up – multiple meanings – to build a Deep Depth Chart – multiple meanings: (i) starting from the back of the roster

(ii) with upward intention

(iii) a back-up crew that matches the strength of your frontline crew. (iv) by building Deep Depth in mind-body-soul in every individual on the roster. All of them.

(v) by building Deep Depth to survive in the Deep Depth of Football Poverty.

(vi) building Deep Depth is essential to prevent your poor team from being stuck in the Deep Depth of Dead-last.

Our solution has been #MuscleBall – use the same technique for multiple Contact Skills on offense, defense, & special teams by replicating the combined movements of #benchpress & #squats.

Our SWAT no-huddle, SWAT defense, and special teams all are fundamentally centred on our unique high-speed, high intensity Strength & Conditioning program designed to build Functional Strength – the construction of high-performance from scratch. Our unique #workout program has been our Goliath-fighting solution. Its been our solution to beat the rich with the poor. Its been our solution for limited, small rosters – dual meaning.

When your defenders have to be backups for offensive players and vice-versa, you need a Minimalist System where one technique is the same base for all Contact Skills including tackling, blocking, fighting blocks, and press coverage.

#Benchpress, #squats and the combination of the two that we call #SWATsquat, are the heart & soul of our system that we use to beat The Rich with a level of Poor that has to be experienced to be believed. 

Our #workouts have worked out. Dual meaning:

  1. It’s been a get-rich-quick scheme.
  2. It’s a #NaturalSelection process.

Getting-rich-quick doesn’t mean shortcuts. It means the opposite. Our workouts don’t waste time – dual meaning. Between sets or by F-ing around during sets. You get rich quicker by eliminating poor work attitudes.

#NaturalSelection selects players without our coaches pretending to be fortune-tellers – predictions of player’s future fortune & potential based on biased, faulty limited subjectivity resulting from minimal, short-sighted, deeply flawed relevant evidence. 

#NaturalSelection means we don’t cut players. They cut themselves. We don’t cut players because they are not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, fast enough. If you have the natural equipment to commit to our level of work, we will find the football equipment for you. If you hate working hard, no problem. Cut yourself and cut ties.

If you don’t cut yourself, you are guaranteed to get #strongerandsmarter. 100% guarantee. And you will get enough #HardReps in practice to select yourself as a starter or bench-warmer. 

We don’t care about your inexperience, past experience, or no experience. We guarantee a #LiftingExperience where you will learn to outwork, outlift, outhit your competition, any place, any time. You will never get cut. But you will get fired if you act like a punk. Being a punk violates our Team Code of Conduct – no punks, no punts. 


Using one base Contact Technique for offense and defense that is built in the weight room with #benchpress #squats and #SWATsquats solves out teaching-learning challenge to build Deep Depth – both meanings – in the Deep Depth of Football Poverty. You can use your limits resources as an excuse to whine about or as a blessing to win. Whine or win. 

I taught anyone who has ever asked me about how to build a football coaching career – coach The Least. Coach The Poor. Coach in the Deep Depth of Football Poverty build Deep Depth from Scratch. There is no coaching reward or coaching experience that will make you richer. It will make you a fortune by helping your players make a fortune. Guaranteed.

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Blessings and all good things


Gino Arcaro

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