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Dear Parents pt 1

Dear #Parents.

This video is with the deepest, most profound #love and respect:

1. You have the toughest job in the world.
2. I have seen your kids become #groundbreakers and #superstars academically and athletically after they started from Minus-Zero.
3. Your biggest #fight is with #PeerPressure that constitutes #FearPressure, intended to F’up your #LovedOnes in mind-body-soul.
4. The worst type of #PeerPressure is temptation to do things that make your children #weakeranddumber instead of #strongerandsmarter.
5. The most dangerous #PeerPressure is DNA temptation. Drugs ‘N Alcohol. Substance Abuse caused by #PeerPressure from those who have zero substance.
6. I saw mass destruction of young people’s lives from DNA abuse during 15 years of #crimefighting and 40 years of football coaching and college law enforcement teaching.
7. PMS legalizes it, celebrates it,
rewards it, posts it, shares it, #likes it…sounds like fun until lives come undone.

Continued in part 2

#MUCHLOVE #soulofalifter
Blessings and all good things

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