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I need a new challenge so I’m writing a new book about achievement. Achievement in any aspect of life – professional or personal. The reason why I’ve chosen this topic is demand – it’s the number one topic I’ve been asked for consultation and advice – how to achieve. The word ‘achievement’ gets filtered through a wash & rinse cycle to the point that it’s unrecognizable – faded, shrunk, worn-out. I use the following definition for my new book – achievement is accomplishing your intended outcome. That’s a one-size fit all definition. It fits every consultation request I’ve even been asked regardless of how diverse and wide-ranging the actual topic.

I’m using this book as an experiment. First, it will be unedited. First draft. Straight from the heart. Secondly, I’m not trying to win a popularity contest with this book. The reason is explained in this excerpt, the first page of the new book:

“Honestly, I don’t give a shit if the book is loved or hated. The reason is part of the experiment – if you try to be loved, you’ll probably be hated. That’s my hypothesis. Trying to be loved doesn’t work. Dual meaning. You can’t work at being loved and you can’t get any work done while you’re trying to be loved. And, trying to be loved sends off a foul odour/odor like a skunk. The theory I’m proposing is simple – be yourself. Be genuine. Then, be loved genuinely or hated genuinely. It’s better to be hated genuinely than be loved artificially.”

That’s on the first page. Here’s the excerpt about my theory of achievement:

“The true secret to a successful life by whatever definition you attach is minimizing the amount of time spent is mind-numbing conflict. Achievement is directly related to how well you minimize senseless drama in your life. Left unchecked, all drama turns to horror. The true secret to achievement is learning how not to underachieve. Underachievement is a plague that, left unchallenged, invades and corrupts your soul with a chain reaction of emotional chaos that starts with frustration and leads to a level of bitterness capable of decimating the healthiest of hearts. Preventing underachieving is the true secret to fulfillment. There are a number of strategies that will achieve the intended outcome but here’s the number-one strategy that tops the list – don’t start conflict. Here’s the second – if you do, solve them. Here’s number three – stay the hell away from chronic problem-causers and hang out with problem-solvers. Here’s number four – make sure you truly know the difference between the two.

I can’t find a synonym for chronic problem-causers so I made up my own – fucked-up people. Some people are offended by the work ‘fuck.’ I understand why. It’s vile and repulsive. But used in the proper context, it’s extremely effective. The phrase ‘fucked-up’ is artistically and intellectually jolting. Fucked-up people are those who habitually cause problems and solve none. Fucked-up people are those who refuse to stop acting out drama. Fucked-up people are those who won’t even give being unfucked-up a try. What’s unfucked-up? PEACE. Anyone who won’t give it a shot is truly fucked-up.

To be clear, the phrase ‘fucked-up people’ is not intended to an insult. It’s not intended to be derogatory. It’s not intended to be name-calling. It’s intended to get the point across without needless confusion and with literary artistry. Fucked-up people are addicted to conflict. It fills a gaping psychological void. Emptiness. The smallness and sameness of torturous mundane, boring life makes fucked-up people resort to what is easy – being an asshole. Stirring up shit. Spreading misery so they will have plenty of company. Agonizing others with conflict is their only solution for loneliness.

Time spent in conflict with fucked-up people accumulates. It’s the equivalent of loading up the bar with more and more weight. Eventually, it becomes too much. Crushing weight can’t make you. It only breaks you. The worst part is there’s no re-play button. No instant replay. Be careful that wasted time doesn’t pile up because the feeling is hell. Every moment engaged in soul-killing conflict with fucked-up people is a moment of ingratitude, a complete disregard for our greatest gift from God – alive time. Every moment fighting with the fucked-up is dead-time…time killed mindlessly. ”

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