Culture Shock – pt. 2

Thank you to #football #coaches for your questions about building winning team culture from scratch. This article is another part of my answer.

Someone writes down a workout plan with the word #reps splattered all over it. They tell you that high reps do one thing and low reps do another. Then they tell you that this many sets do one thing and that many sets do another. Then someone tells you that running plays needs this number of reps, pass plays need those number of reps, defending the run needs this many reps, pass coverage needs those many reps, and special teams needs whatever reps you can find at the end of practice.

Here’s the problem – lumping reps together. Multiple meanings: 

  1. lumping all reps together in every workout program. 
  2. lumping all reps together on the practice field.
  3. lumping all reps together in the classroom. 
  4. and the most ignored problem – lumping past reps from another place to your place.

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #26,093 that I’ve taught football players, college law enforcement students & women lifting teams for 45 years: Build from scratch, win the match – dual meaning. (i) Building a team from scratch allow you to fit original reps together. (ii) Rep-Matching is the main essential to building a Dynamic Culture that wins more than it gets killed.

The PMS – Post-Modern Society – obsession with the word #Culture obscures the essential elements that build the #Culture, both winning & losing cultures, and functional & dysfunctional cultures.

Here are the key points I’ve taught over 25,000 students & athletes about the difference between building a Functional Culture & Dysfunctional Culture:

  1. Every team culture on any field, in any field, is the outcome of reps.
  2. Team culture is the product of what is practiced most and least, in mind-body-soul.
  3. Reps are not created equal. Like DNA and fingerprints, there are no two identical reps.
  4. High-Q Reps build Dynamic Cultures that win more and lose less. High-Q Reps means High-Quantity plus High-Quality Reps.
  5. High-Q Reps establish program professional standards, on any field, in any field.
  6. Change High-Q Reps, change the culture – good or bad.
  7. There are 2 ways to build a culture: (i) start from scratch. (ii) cut and paste.
  8. Starting from scratch is the GrassRoots Team Model. It means starting with student-athletes who have no past workout reps or football reps with any other team. 
  9. Cut & Paste is the Professional Team Model, where you cut millionaires who don’t win right away and paste them into another team culture.
  10. Starting from scratch builds a culture by matching original reps – dual meaning. (i) reps that match with each other as a team, from scratch. (ii) reps that win every match by matching relevant original reps to relevant levels of mind-body-soul strength.
  11. Mismatches lose. Mismatched Reps have a dual meaning: (i) reps that don’t fit together for the individual. (ii) reps that don’t fit together as a team. 
  12. Mismatched Reps have three causes: (i) too much challenge. (ii) not enough challenge. (iii) reps from another place that don’t fit with your place.
  13. If reps don’t match, teams don’t fit together. They never become Fit for Duty individually or collectively, in mind-body-soul. Instead, they become Unfit for Duty. 
  14. The Starting from Scratch model has the advantage over Cut & Paste. Reason: when you start from scratch, there are no other past reps to conflict with your current team reps.
  15. Your team reps are the product of complex original reps. As stated – all team reps have their own DNA. No two team reps are identical. Consequently, it’s easer to match original reps when no other past reps, from any other place, obstruct rep-matching in your place.
  16. Mix reps, mixed up culture. If reps don’t fit, teams never get fit. Instead, they fight. They fight each other when reps conflict with each other.
  17. When your team starts from scratch, they build an original Rep-Connection and Inner Culture that extends outward to the team by connecting original reps with each other, the same way a family connects together.
  18. Cutting & pasting is different. Pick ‘em, pay ‘em, cut ‘em, paste ‘em, hope their past reps fit with your reps. If they don’t mix, the mixed-up culture results in Culture Shock – disorientation leading to dysfunction.
  19. It is possible to match past reps from another place with reps from your place, if both sets of reps are Relative-Reps – similar Family of Reps, related by similar traits and characteristics.
  20. But original reps fit together easier when reps are Family Reps, built in the same place – One Ethos, one ideology.


  1. When their past reps conflict with your past reps, Rep-Conflict needs to be resolved before Rep-Conflict causes Culture Shock.
  2. Fused & confused. Forced Reps never fit. That means – forcing past reps from another place to fuse with your place will lead to confusion. Fused & confused leads to a perpetual cycle of more Forced Reps that try to fit different shapes & sizes of reps into the shape & size of your reps.
  3. Its tough to make an original by cutting & pasting.

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