Crowded Box – 300 yards rushing

Here’s Real Life&Death Lesson #21,100 I’ve taught football players & college law enforcement students for 4 decades – When faced with 3 potential Points of Attack (POA) to defend on a running play, decision-making is restricted to what requires least effort & exertion. 

Surviving in high school football poverty since 1985 depended on 4 main essentials:

  1. 5 high-speed running plays.
  2. 6 high-speed basic lifts.
  3. 4 types of high-speed sprints.
  4. High-speed SWAT no-huddle.

Our Reality of Limitations depended on Weighted Reps – dual meaning. 

  1. Progressively heavier weight room #HardReps.
  2. Attaching weight to Relevant Reps.

The outcome was a 10-90 Pass-Run Ratio. Our average pass-run ration was 10% pass – 90% run. The reason was the formula we developed for Weighted Reps – choose the reps with the most weight. Dual meaning.

Our 90% running attack was based on the following lessons we’ve taught for 40 years:

1. We never teach more than 5 running plays.

2. The formation for every running play we ran in high school was double-tight end & 3 backs.

3. Every running play potentially threatened 3 Points of Attack (POA).  along the line of scrimmage – the midline and both tight end positions.

4. We never concealed our intention from any opponent.

5. We revealed a 90-degree running attack area – top of the midline to both tight end positions.

6. Our right guard was the only offensive lineman who had to learn multiple blocking assignments.

7. We used the right guard to give the opposing defense a definitive partial read for a strategic purpose.

8. We never lost a game when we achieved a 300-yard single-game rusher or a combined single-game backfield 300-yard rushing.

9. 300 yards become our objective. Every game. Not a goal, a Special Workload Formula.

10. A 100-yard rusher was never a goal. It was a bare minimum expectation for every single game. Big difference between a goal and a standard workload expectation.

11. We never count the box. We don’t care how many pre-snap defenders crowd the box. What matters is the number of post-snap defenders at the POA.

12. The more pre-snap defenders who crowd the box, the more chance we reach the 300-yard rushing objective.

13. The reason why a crowded box results in 300-yard games is the Law of Diminished Decisions – When faced with 3 potential Points of Attack (POA) to defend on a running play, decision-making is restricted to what requires least effort & exertion. This means that Decision Fatigue causes defenders to: (i) make less rapid-fire decisions. (ii) make less decisions that result in greater effort and exertion. 

14. That means back-side pursuit diminishes almost to the vanishing point.

15. When a crowded box is diminished to only bare-minimum front-side pursuit effort and exert, your rushing yards multiply exponentially. Almost 3X than normal.

16. When we fail to break the 300-yard mark, we achieve 200-250 yards rushing over 90% of games. The 200-250 yard average guarantees winning over 90% of games, no matter what Goliath you’re facing.

17. If your Weighted Reps – both types – are inferior, you get killed. 

There is no generic way to coach football. Some coaches & players have to fit football into their lives. Others have the luxury of making football their entire lives. Coaching football is entirely different when coaches and players have to fit football into life. Those who have a life outside of football have to coach differently to survive. Football coaching has never been my life – not financially, not professionally. But I still have to serve & protect player’s lives the same way all coaches do. Here’s my point – the way we coach football differs according to our reality, according to our circumstances. The ultimate goal is to find a way to save player’s live, to make them #strongerandsmarter with the time and resources we have been given with. Sharing coaching systems is not a pissing contest between the rich and the poor. Its simply a way enlighten each other, regardless of what reality your program exists in.

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Football coaching has never been easy. It’s getting tougher ever day. Without life-long learning, you stop earning – wins and jobs.

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Gino Arcaro