Covid recruiting & retention strategy

Thank you for your #business questions about our recruiting & retention strategies to solve #business problems during the #pandemic. Here’s a summary our current recruiting & retention strategy, compliments of the gym I own – X Fitness:

  1. “Are you shutting down?” Our staff at the gym I own – X Fitness – is asked that question every day by current & potential customers. The wrong answer can kill you business. The threat of shutdown, broadcast in the news almost every day, has multiplied the business threat during the pandemic.
  2. Here’s our plan: Tell the truth – we don’t know. Customers have asked if we have “inside information” about upcoming shutdowns. Logical, reasonable question. We don’t. 
  3. Telling the truth that we don’t know sounds suspicious, evasive and outright crazy to the public. Not knowing your business future sounds shady. But we explain that we never have and still don’t have prior warning or inside information from the government.
  4. Ironically, the truth sounds like we just want their money. Our answer includes a full, concrete plan that benefits the customer if a shutdown happens but its impossible to know with full certainty if our answer eliminates customer suspicion.
  5. Daily threats of shutdown have become our biggest competition. This is the equivalent of your competition spreading false rumours that your business is closing to discourage customers from joining. Suspicion of business closure is our new business’s #1 opponent. Once you’re a suspect, you have to work 365-24-7 to change customer suspicion and restore your credibility.
  6. Every news story about potential shutdown is another potential fatal shot to your business. The #suspicion of potential closing is a matter of business life and death.
  7. Our research shows that customers may not read or listen to the full news story about the daily government announcement. That’s another problem that compounds suspicion. Partial news heard by the customer draws even stronger suspicion when your answer doesn’t fit their partial information.
  8. Our strategy has included flooding social media with original motivation content. 24-7 flooding. This shows #intention to stay open – to fight to stay open, no matter what. It shows we are working. Nothing restores credibility more than works, not words.

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