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Core Strengthening – Part 1

I was taught the best core-strengthening exercises in 1973 long before the word ‘core’ became fashionable. Nothing compares. Since then, I’ve incorporated the entire program and ideology in my own workouts and every single football practice I’ve ever coached. Nothing builds stronger midsection. Nothing increases athletic performance better. We’ve published the principles and give them out with every X Fitness membership. #HardCore

Contrary to popular belief, the fitness industry did not invent the concept of core strengthening in the 21st century. Humans have been building core strength since the beginning of civilization when humans started carrying around heavy things during primitive times. Now we have researchers actually studying the science of carrying around heavy things. They recently concluded that carrying around heavy things builds core strength. What a revelation. Twenty-first century ‘experts’ believe they have unraveled the mystery of building core strength. Spare me.

Sorry to break the news but manual labourers have been building core strength since cavemen days. Here’s the secret – do manual labour any you’ll build core strength. Push away from Facebook and Twitter and go carry a loaded wheelbarrow. Or just push a lawn mower. Or carry some grocery bags instead of pounding back their contents. Or go shovel a ditch instead of shoveling junk food.

The reason for the postmodern obsession with core-strengthening is the sedentary life that society leads. Our ancestors didn’t need fitness experts or researchers to tell them the obvious – sustained manual labour builds core strength. And it burn tons of calories.

My father worked like a beast of burden in Italy and then when he came to Canada penniless. He worked out like a farm animal, day in and day out. Not in a gym but in the fields, then in a war, then on construction, then in a factory for his entire life. He didn’t spend hours sitting behind a screen reading useless news feeds and meaningless Tweets and playing mind-numbing video games. And he was the strongest man I’ve ever seen. He never did a plank in his life but had old-school functional strength that has become a thing of the past. Now we have a society of people planking hoping to look athletic… like manual labourers.

I have coached football for 40 seasons and I can teach you a core-strengthening program that will change your life. I’ve used core-strengthening exercises myself for 42 years and have taught them to student-athletes who developed into elite athletes from scratch. If you want to build core strength like they, I promise I can bring out your very best.

In the early 1970s, I learned the true secret of core-strengthening at a flour mill. I built a training program around it. I published it in my latest book, Soul of a Lifter. Every member who joins X Fitness gets a copy with every paid membership. If you want to build core strength the old-school way, I’d be glad to teach you and coach you. I guarantee you will transform yourself.

Where would we be without all the postmodern research that tells us what people have known forever? The concept of ‘core’ is not new. Neither is the concept of core-strengthening. The only thing that has changed is the minimal amount of physical work that society exerts on a daily basis.


Gino Arcaro has written 12 books. He started his writing career by writing 6 best-selling academic law enforcement textbooks. Then he changed his focus and wrote 6 non-academic books to compete on a new stage. The first book is Soul of a Lifter, available in paperback and e-book. The book is about how lifting is a life-saver – lifting others and lifting weight. Dual-purpose lifting. You can review all Gino’s books them by clicking here.